10 Best coffee mug of 2018

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  • Morning coffee has never looked so good!
  • Ergonomically designed with a pocket for your fingers
  • 14 oz capacity, approx. 6" high x 4" wide
  • White ceramic 11oz mug
  • Image printed on both sides
  • High gloss finish
  • Authentic Heat-Sensitive Morphing Mug
  • Heat-activation reveals image
  • Holds approximately 11 ounces
  • Comfify
  • Kitchen
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Coffee mug guide

Tips for buying coffee mugs

Coffee is the most popular drink in Germany. On average, about 165 liters are consumed per person per year. While the development of new coffee creations is given great importance, the drinking vessels are rarely considered. In today’s society, a quick „coffee to go“ has become commonplace. This one gets in a disposable cup, which is printed with monotonous logos of the respective enterprise and can throw it away directly after the coffee. However, if you really want to drink your coffee in peace and enjoy it, you should also try the coffee mug Value. On coffee mug can be very personal and adapted to the respective requirements. There are different sizes, shapes and designs, which can be chosen according to your own taste. In addition, not every coffee preparation is the same coffee mug equally well suited. Many coffee creations make a vessel of their own necessary to really come into their own. In addition, the cup should also have a certain quality to keep as long as possible.

Methods of preparation and their presentation

In addition to the ordinary filter coffee, there are a large variety of coffee creations, such as cappuccino, espresso, caffe latte and others. Each of these creations is traditionally served in a specially designed cup. While the ordinary filter coffee, black, with milk and / or sugar can certainly be served in a simple 500 ml coffee pot, an espresso is served in a cup or a cup with only 40 ml capacity. Even a classic cappuccino should have only about 75 ml total volume. These three types of preparation have in common that the cups and cups made of ordinary ceramic, which holds the heat relatively well. In Caffe Latte, a creation consisting of different layers of milk, coffee and milk foam, an opaque cup is completely unsuitable. Here a clear glass mug is indispensable, through which the stratification can be seen. The iced coffee is usually served in a clear cup, optionally in a glass without a handle. These facts should be the right one coffee mug to be chosen for your own favorite creation. Only the ordinary filter coffee you do not have to worry much about which mug fits the coffee. It depends on which mug fits to one’s self.

The personal coffee mug

Coffee is healthier in large quantities than in small quantities. This is because the body gets used to the relatively unhealthy caffeine, while the rest, healthy ingredients can unfold their full effect. Therefore, a coffee consumption of at least 5 cups per day is recommended – so at least 1 liter. Since ordinary filter coffee remains the most popular creation and is best suited as a drink in between, large-capacity coffee mugs are particularly popular. It’s all about two things: the capacity and the design. If you drink your coffee over a longer period of time and still want to keep it as warm as possible, you should get one Thermometersspurchase, which keeps the temperature better than glass or ceramic. The Contigo Thermo Cup West Loop is an exemplary, recommended model. A pretty gimmick are so-called magic cups. They contain color pigments that react to a change in temperature and change their color. So you can see if the coffee is still warm, or you should rather make a new one. An example of such cups is the Leonardo Ooh Magico series with different colors to choose from. Otherwise, there is not much to consider when choosing the right coffee mug. The thicker the mug is, the better it holds the heat and the more stable it is and dishwasher suitability is generally recommended. Otherwise: is allowed, what pleases!

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