10 Best coffee machine of 2018

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  • Note: Box model name is K55 but product inside contains K40...
  • Cuisinart
  • QuickTouch Programming - Easily program the 24-hour auto...
  • Digital Controls with Rubberized Feel - Large, rubberized...
  • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the flow of...
  • Ovalware
  • Secura
  • Kitchen
  • Programmable timer allows you to set brew time up to 24...
  • 2-Hour shut off automatically powers Coffee maker down so...
  • Water window on reservoir for accurate filling. 900 watts...
  • Includes a polished wood collar with leather tie
  • Selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of...
  • All of the coffeemakers are measured using 5 oz. as 1 cup
  • Hario Metal Coffee Dripper (Stainless Steel)
  • Comes in 3 beautiful colors
  • Makes 1-4 cups of coffee
  • QuickTouch Programming - Easily program the 24-hour auto...
  • Digital Controls with Rubberized Feel - Large, rubberized...
  • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the flow of...

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Coffee maker guide

The right one for every coffee lover coffee machine

Start the day with a cup of coffee – that’s how many people around the world love it. And during the day, most still enjoy several cups of the stimulating hot drink. In Germany alone, the annual per capita consumption exceeds 150 liters. But much more important than pure coffee is the quality of their favorite drink for most coffee lovers. Meanwhile, many people celebrate the preparation of a good cup of coffee and everyone has their own preferences. Coffee machines are among the household appliances that are particularly interesting for German consumers. Nevertheless, most people are a bit puzzled by the huge supply that the trade has to offer. It is well worthwhile to thoroughly inform yourself before buying, so that you exactly coffee machine get that meets your individual preferences and demands. Here you will find an overview of the types of coffee machines commonly used today and the most important features of each coffee preparation process.

The classic – the coffee filter machine

Coffee filter machines with paper filters have been around for several decades. The desired amount of water is added to a tank. In the filter insert a fresh paper filter is inserted, in which the appropriate amount of coffee powder is given. After switching on, small amounts of the water are gradually heated and then passed drop by drop through the coffee. Philips, for example, offers the Gaia model, a high-quality coffee filter machine, in which the finished coffee in a shapely thermosis caught. So the delicious drink stays hot for a long time. Coffee filter machines are not only inexpensive to buy, they can also produce larger quantities of coffee at low cost.

pad machines

Even easier to use are the more modern pad machines. They are particularly appreciated in single households, because one to two cups of coffee can be prepared at the same time. In this principle, the hot water is passed through pads at a relatively low pressure. They consist of pulp in which the coffee powder is embedded. These machines hardly need maintenance.

capsule machines

Undoubtedly the favorites of the coffee lovers are the capsule machines, because the coffee that these machines really taste very good. The coffee lover can choose from many flavors, but is usually tied to a single coffee roaster because the capsules fit only certain machines. capsule machines are less suitable for entertaining guests because each serving is individually brewed. Environmentalists complain that the many capsules valuable resources are claimed. Highest coffee enjoyment promises, for example, the model KP510T Krups Dolce Gusto.

Coffee machines promise pleasure at the touch of a button

True marvels of technology are the high-quality coffee machines, with which the various coffee variants in top quality can be produced effortlessly. No matter if you are looking for a strong espresso or you prefer to relax with a cappuccino – for fully automatic coffee machines everything is child’s play, if the coffee storage container and water tank are filled and milk is available when needed. Once you have chosen your drink, the coffee is automatically ground, the coffee is prepared, the milk is frothed up and after a short time at the touch of a button, you can enjoy it. Coffee machines such as the ECAM 22.110 are quite expensive to buy, but for coffee lovers who drink a lot of coffee is worth the purchase, because the costs are relatively low. There is a downer, unfortunately – without meticulous cleaning, unfortunately, it is not.

Espresso as from the Italian

Anyone who loves coffee hot and strong should opt for one espresso machine, as offered for example by Rancilio, decide. These machines work according to the sieve carrier system. The water is heated and passed through the coffee powder at high pressure. In order for the espresso to work perfectly, the beans must have exactly the right grind.

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