10 Best Clothes line of 2018

  • Generous 196 ft drying space - lines can be tensioned so...
  • Umbrella' system enables three different line positions to...
  • Easily adjustable height system (from 50 to 74 inches)
  • Comes with metal ground spike, protective cover, peg bag and...
  • This drying rack featured large linear drying space of...
  • 360 degree rotary top makes drying space can be used easily;...
  • Value priced clothesline that has a low stretch and holds...
  • Trade size is 7/32 by 200 feet
  • The safe work load limit for this item is 13 lbs.
  • Easy to use retractable outdoor washing line
  • Stows neatly away when not in use
  • Fully retractable with UV stable protective casing
  • Silver 150' super heavy duty clothesline with galvanized...
  • Includes 2 x 6.5" metal pulleys with ball bearing, 1 metal...
  • Eco-friendly, saves energy and reduces electricty bills
  • Durable plastic for resistance to weather
  • Low-stretch core plastic clothesline
  • Convenient for hanging clothes, binding package, woods and...
  • Value priced clothesline that has a low stretch and holds...
  • Trade size is 7/32 by 200 feet
  • The safe work load limit for this item is 13 lbs.
  • Size: 164'
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Completely assembled
  • ※WINDPROOF&CONVENIENT - Flexible laundry line conveniently...
  • ※HOW TO CHOOSE - There are all sorts of drying line...
  • ※THE ORGANIC WAY TO DRY CLOTHES - Sunshine is a natural...
  • Wall mounted clothesline has 5 lines than provide 170 feet...
  • Use it when you need it and retract it out of sight when...
  • Heavy duty construction this drying rack is perfect for...

Clothesline Guide

Dry the laundry outdoors and on one Clothes line you have many advantages. Where you can dry the laundry outdoors, you save fabric softener and ironing is easier. The wind dries the clothes gently and makes ironing easier, because fewer wrinkles form than those in the dryer would be the case.
If the laundry is dried indoors on a leash, you will definitely save the electricity that would be required to use a tumble dryer.

What clotheslines are there?

Clotheslines for tensioning

Clotheslines that are used today can be made of plastic, cotton and waxed fibers.
The plastic lines are easy to clean and tolerate rain. They can remain in place where there is room for a permanent place to dry the laundry and are wiped with a cloth before use.
They are quickly mounted and ready for use on hooks and washing spindles.
The lines can be used outdoors and indoors.
If the lines are stretched over posts, it should be noted that too long distances are supported by means of an additional post to prevent the laundry from hanging onto the floor.

Drying rack with metal lines

fold clothes horsecan be folded to save space if they are not needed and can be stowed behind doors and in chambers.
They do not offer as much space as free-stretched linen and clothes dryers. They are usable in the house and outside.
If the laundry in small rooms to be dried, offers a laundry towerwhich is also collapsible and has metal lines.

clothes dryers

Who has the opportunity to dry his laundry in the garden and wants to remain flexible, for the clotheslines are in the form of a clothes dryerto disposal.
Ideally, one resorts to backhoes where the lines disappear inside as soon as the spider collapses.
If the lines are free, they must be cleaned with a cloth before use and before being soiled shellto be protected.
Attached spin dryers with a threaded sleeve, which is rotated in soft ground. Alternatively, a heavier umbrella standat. The umbrella stand must be heavy to avoid the wind overturning the laundry and the clothes dryer.

Wall systems for small bathrooms and rooms

Is the laundry regularly low and there is no way to dry the laundry outdoors and in the basement, can be used on linen systems that are bolted to one or two walls.
The pull-out clotheslines can be stowed quickly when not in use and do not hang in the way.

Linen for radiatorand doors

For smallest amounts of laundry that is to be dried, the Clothes line which can be hung on the heater and the door.
These are the small frames made of metal, which can be attached with integrated hangers at the respective destination.

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