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  • 15 Dry Cycles / 8 Options
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  • 15 Dry Cycles / 8 Options
  • Washer Plugs Into Dryer For Easy Installation
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  • 15 Dry Cycles / 8 Options
  • Washer Plugs Into Dryer For Easy Installation

Bosch dryer adviser

What should be considered when buying a tumble dryer?

The purchase decision depends on the capacity of the device. Since wet laundry is heavier, a dryer should have more volume than one Washing machinebe able to record. 6 kilograms of wet laundry require 8 to 9 kilograms of capacity with a dryer. For the single household 3 to 5 kilograms, the 2-person household needs a volume of 5 to 6 kilograms and the family should be better in one clothes dryerinvest with 7 to 9 kilograms of capacity.
Another question is where the tumble dryer will stand in the future. Since the vented dryerIf the air is directed outside via a hose, a window or exhaust air system is required. For windowless rooms, there are condensation dryers. Here, the moist air is cooled by the cold ambient air. The container with the collected condensate must then be emptied. Condensation dryers are more economical in operating costs than exhaust air dryers.
To be extremely efficient heat pump dryer, They are a further development of the condensation dryers, but more expensive to buy. In a closed circuit, the cool air on the warm side of the heat pumpheated. On the cold side it condenses. This process works in a closed circuit, so that hardly any heat is lost. The energy savings are up to 70 percent. Due to their sophisticated technology, heat pump dryers require more maintenance and have a longer drying time compared to other devices.
The energy label informs about type of dryer, efficiency class and load. Most economical are devices with A +++. Depending on the device, the differences in power savings can be up to 500 kWh per year. Who wants to buy a new device, should at least choose the energy class A.
Attention! Lute dryers with 70 to 80 decibels should better be accommodated in the basement or in a washroom. For the apartment are suitable to 65 decibels.
Whether the tumble dryer is to have special programs, interior lighting, program-end beep, dry-time display, or moisture-sensing sensors depends on personal preference. A protection against overdrying saves energy again. Generally, the simpler the tumble dryer, the cheaper it is in price and maintenance.
For a small footprint are suitable toploader, If you want to put the tumble dryer space-saving on the washing machine, should a Anti-vibration matinferior, which is available inexpensively at the hardware store.

The tumble dryers from Bosch
New is the model HomeProfessional WTY887W5 SuperSilenceEco. The heat pump dryer has a capacity of 8 kilograms. The operating noise is particularly quiet at 60 decibels. The energy efficiency is A +++. With 160 drying cycles, energy consumption is 158 kWh per year. The capacitors clean themselves up to four times during drying. Special programs are available for wool, towels, Cotton, Easy care, Down and Delicates. The device offers crease protection and multi-tone.
Among the air condensers, the variant WTG86400 from Bosch is the comparative winner at Stiftung Warentest. The device convinced in a comparison 09/16 with a first-class quality with high comfort. The tumble dryer with energy label B works at a volume of 65 decibels. The product is equipped with an AllergiePlus program and a certificate for particularly soft laundry. You can easily dry up to 8 kilograms of laundry. The drying process is gentle and accurate to the desired degree of drying. Simple and clear is the display.
The exhaust air dryer WTA73280 is particularly gentle. The AutoDry system prevents the laundry from shrinking. The DryingSystem is responsible for the uniform and textile-friendly drying without creases. The machine is equipped with a special vibration protection. The device is operated via an LED display. The efficiency is in the energy class C. With a capacity of 7 kilograms, the exhaust air dryer works at 65 decibels.
The bestseller on Amazon is the heat pump dryer WTW86271. The condenser from Bosch cleans itself. The simple operation allows a gentle, uniform drying in a unique drum structure. The energy class A ++ saves 232 KWh per year. The volume is 64 decibels. Up to 8 kilograms of laundry can be dried in it.

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