10 Best AEG washing machine of 2019

  • Replacement Rubber Door Gasket For Your AEG Washing Machine.
  • Fits Models: L16853, L16850, L14850, L14850A, L16850A,...
  • Genuine AEG Replacement Spare Part.
  • Collapsable Stem Glass Holder Basket to fit Bosch...
  • Fits models: With its versatile base this basket will fit...
  • Capacity: holds up to 8 glasses and can be folded down on...
  • Replacement AEG Washing Machine Drum Suspension Leg Shock...
  • Fits Models: LR2852, L12820J6, L12820, L1046EL, L1246EL,...
  • Part Number: 1322553015
  • Replacement AEG Washing Machine Pump Filter
  • Fits models: LAV86810, LAV86819, LAV88810, LAV86818,...
  • Part Number: 1321368118
  • Genuine replacement door interlock switch that fits various...
  • Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are...
  • Replacement AEG Washing Machine Pump Filter Plug Handle
  • Fits models: L1045EL, L1245EL, CLARA1047, L60600
  • Part Number: 1320711003
  • Replacement Rubber Door Gasket For Your AEG Washing Machine.
  • Fits Models: L16853, L16850, L14850, L14850A, L16850A,...
  • Genuine AEG Replacement Spare Part.
  • Aeg Washing Machine Rubber Door Seal Gasket
  • If Your Washing Machine's Door Is Damaged And In Need Of...
  • Part No: 1320041054
  • Fits Models: L5460DFL, L5462DFL, L6460FL, L6468AFL,...
  • And Models: L6060, L5482, L74658 VERS. WHITE, L76658 VERS....
  • Part Number: 4055087003
  • Replacement Silver Door Handle Catch For AEG Washing...
  • Part No: 50272388005.
  • Fits Models: 16810, L16810, L16820, L16830.

AEG washing machine guide

AEG washing machines cover a wide range, there is the ideal device for every household. For the small family with little space up to large families who value a large capacity. Should it be a front or toploaderbe? Is a high spin rate important to the discerning, modern customer, or should it be a particularly quiet model? There are numerous possibilities and models.
The important thing is usually the space question. Where should this domestic help be set up: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room? Submountable front loader can fit perfectly in one kitchenetteto get integrated. Narrow top loaders are better for small bathrooms. If the question of space has been clarified satisfactorily, it is important to consider the ideal filling quantity when purchasing. Of course, it has to be taken into account, whether it is a single or a family household. With a single household one assumes a capacity of three kilograms. Two to three people households require more of a capacity of five kilograms. The usual size of the drum of six, seven or eight kilograms are of interest to large families. It is also to be taken into account whether club clothing or work clothes have to be handled, bed linen pp, because a large amount can quickly come together.
Also important is the spin-off. In a high spin the laundry will of course be drier, but wrinkled more. If the laundry is subsequently placed in the dryer, a high spin cycle saves a lot of electricity during drying. It depends on the particular clothing, which number of revolutions is set.
Another question: are special programs useful?
Many modern washing machines offer special programs. For example, Jeans, blouses or shoes, lingerie or other extras are possible. Since this acquisition is usually associated with additional costs, it should be considered whether they are really needed. Maybe a gentle program is sufficient or in individual cases you give the garment in a cleaning.
Another important point is the water consumption.
Does the device have an energy-saving button? Or eco wash program? Sensors can determine the weight of the laundry and adjust the water supply sensibly.
Through the EU energy label can be seen, whether it is in the Washing machineto a thrifty model or a
Energy smoker acts. As a true power saver fan is to pay attention to the label A +++.
These functions have to be:
Choice of temperature, textile types such as cooking, frying, easy-care, fine or wool wash, the eco-key as energy saver when needed.
Rinse hold function may be useful, devices with Aquastop are recommended, models with residual run indication on a display are not mandatory, but a fine thing. The time code can be helpful for working people, here you can specify when the washing process should start or when it should be finished.
AEG washing machines are extremely popular and today the brand belongs to the Swedish company Electrolux AB. AEG washing machines stand out for their longevity, as well as for their washing and energy efficiency and offer the customer a high level of operating convenience.
As two top models of AEG washing machines are the products
AEG L87485FL washing machine and AEG ÖKO_LAVAMAT L87484EFL washing machine name.
Comparative winner in the comparison under: www.waschmaschinen-tests.org read.
Here you can even find an anti-allergy program, a perfectly reasonable purchase for the many allergy sufferers of today.
Economical consumption of electricity and water, class A ***, eight kilograms of laundry capacity.
A nice story includes the program with the function: Smoothing. Creases are thus reduced and prevented, a piece of comfort more and simplifies the ironing process.
Comparable winner in comparison under: www.waschmaschinen-tests.org to find.
AEG washing machines offer all the modern technical features that make a good washing machine today, and much more. These washing machines are leaders in energy efficiency, they offer a lot of comfort at a reasonable and fair price.
These products belong to a brand with a tradition since 1882.
Highest reliability, never-failing innovation at a good price, so the AEG washing machines recommend themselves to every single and every family.

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