10 Best AEG vacuum cleaner of 2018

  • Perfect for hard floors and carpets
  • Features 2 brush settings
  • Only original spare parts are perfectly matched to your...
  • '#1' STANDARD S BAG CLASSIC REPLACEMENT --- We deliver the...
  • Filters designed specifically for vacuum cleaner brush CX7
  • Contents: 2 internal filters.
  • Original Filter Washable
  • Parketto hard floor nozzle
  • Cleaning of high quality hard floor types
  • Soft on hard floors: especially with a 100% natural and soft...
  • Replacing a damaged hose may not be easier and should result...
  • Colour: silver
  • Replaces following parts: 1130041047, 1130047028,...
  • For removing animal hair, lint and fibres on cushions and...
  • Through the full velours brushes area hair, fibres, mites...
  • With the click closure nozzle to perfectly fit for all AEG &...
  • Replacing a damaged hose may not be easier and should result...
  • Colour: grey
  • Replaces: 1096431109, 2190113015, 2190113049, 2190113056,...
  • Perfect for hard floors and carpets
  • Features 2 brush settings
  • Only original spare parts are perfectly matched to your...
  • Electrolux
  • Kitchen
  • AEG AFS1W Allergy Plus Filter
  • For clean air in your home
  • Original accessories in manufacturer quality

AEG vacuum cleaner guide

AEG vacuum cleaner: strong brand with a good reputation

So far, the AEG brand has been subject to a traditional German company. Meanwhile, this circumstance has changed. AEG is now owned by the Swedish concern Electrolux. However, this has the successful sales of AEG vacuum cleaner done in the market no demolition. The vacuum cleanerModels of the AEG brand are still among the most widely bought household appliances in Germany. Not least because of the high suction power and the modern, comfortable functions that these devices can offer. Moreover, the company offers excellent value for money. The range of vacuum cleaners is made up of a broad range consisting of floor, rechargeable, hand and teat vacuums.

Ecologically working vacuum cleaners are trumps

AEG also shows how much consumers‘ wishes are taken into account in the development and manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Quite the trend of the time many devices are offered, which have ecological advantages to offer. For example, devices are manufactured that fully meet the requirements of economical consumption. In addition, AEG manufactures quiet vacuum cleaners. The particularly economical models can already be recognized in the name. Because the words ‚eco‘ or ‚thrifty‘ not only fulfill the criteria that are predicted by this choice of words. The exact values ​​of the test results can be read from the corresponding awards. This action pursues only one purpose, namely, the corresponding desired devices should be easily identifiable by consumers.

AEG vacuum cleaner then and now

Compared to the older series of vacuum cleaners AEG the power consumption was reduced by 50 percent. In part, the company has succeeded in reducing consumption by as much as 75 percent. Nevertheless, the suction power remained the same or even improved. This is evidenced by a large number of test results. The vacuum cleaners that consume the least amount of electricity are also the quietest devices. This is a factor in which AEG has invested a lot of money in development. The success did not last. Some AEG vacuum cleaners are so quiet that even a call has a higher tone frequency. Outlook for the future: AEG will continue this development and further expand the ecological division. The combination of high performance with energy efficiency at a low volume has earned the brand positive reviews by the trade press.

Overview of the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners contain a great deal for consumers. Therefore, the individual model series are presented to the overview: For small living spaces are devices from the series „Classic Silence“ and „UltraOne Mini“. The „UltraOne“ series is characterized by a strong performance and a high level of comfort. For example, some devices have a comfortable one remote Controlon the vacuum cleaner handle. The suckers from the „UltraSilencer“ series are particularly quiet during use. In bagless vacuum cleaners, the models from the „Ultra Performer“ series are among the top devices. They have a high suction line despite a compact design. If you like it even smaller, choose the devices from the „Ultracaptic“ as well as the „T8“ series. Models from the „Super Cyclone“ series have the advantage that they have a high capacity thanks to an XL dust container.

Overview of the pedestal vacuum cleaner and cordless vacuum cleaner

AEG also offers a variety of hand and stick vacuum cleaners. The „Vampyrette“ series is not only powerful, but also a lightweight. The models of the „Dynamica“ version are powered by mains cable. Other models have a powerful lithium-ion battery that has a long battery life. Some of the devices are also supplied with a NiMH battery. The special vacuum cleaners in the AEG range can be found in the „ErgoRapido“ and „Rapido“ series. The first mentioned series contains bagless stem and brush vacuum cleaners with cyclone technology. The „UltraPower“ pedestal vacuum cleaners have a long running time of about one hour. The „UniRapido“ range includes vacuum cleaners with a low weight. For the crumbs under the breakfast table, the model „Liliput“ is particularly suitable. Here, however, was dispensed with the cyclone technology.

These AEG vacuum cleaners are recommended

The AEG VX8-2-ÖKO has received good test results. It is characterized by low power consumption and high performance. He also works quietly. Also recommended for good test results is the AEG SilentPerformer Cyclonic Eco ASPC7150. It is characterized above all by a good price-performance ratio. He is offered cheap with a high performance. Those who suffer from allergies choose the AEG UltraSilencer Allergy & Animal Care AUS8230. He has a closable dust bag and works quietly with a large suction effect.

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