10 Best Sport ointment of 2019

  • For temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated...
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  • Provides soothing relief for aches and pains
  • Over-Exertion, Joint Pains, Backaches, Arthritis, Stiffness,...
  • For temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated...
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  • Imported
  • Provides soothing relief for aches and pains
  • Over-Exertion, Joint Pains, Backaches, Arthritis, Stiffness,...
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Sports Ointment Guide

A challenging workout occasionally leads to slight strains. Bruises and sore muscles are also an integral part of any muscle training. In all of these cases, sports calves prove to be a useful and meaningful way to relieve associated pain and accelerate the recovery process.

Sports albums – General

Sports albums are now available in all price ranges and from the most diverse manufacturers. All these manufacturers promise that their products are suitable for all types of sports injuries. There are also differences between the respective ointments. The success rate is rather individual. Therefore, one should look for before buying the Sport ointment Only inform exactly, because under certain circumstances it may not be suitable for the respective field of application necessarily all products in the offer equally well.

Types of sports albums

The respective sports albums differed from each other in their composition. Due to the active ingredients contained therein, the fields of application of the respective sports albums differ.

Sports albums with painstaking ingredients

This group includes sports albums, which are prescription due to the ingredients. The best known ointmentAmong these is certainly the Voltaren Pain Ointment. It is a pain ointment with analgesic effect. It is used effectively in sports injuries as well as pain, which does not necessarily have its causes in sports. These are often used for muscle tensions and pains resulting from pinched nerves. They serve primarily to reduce the pain.

Sports albums for the elimination of pain causes

These sports albums serve to eliminate the cause of pain. Its main active ingredient is heparin. This inhibits the bleeding and helps to heal bruises or hematomas faster. In addition, these sports albums have active ingredients that have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

cold cream

Cooling ointments remove heat from the muscles through the skin. These ointments include, for example, the Pferdesalbe, which has proven especially in sore muscles. The cooling effect that occurs after applying this type of ointment, is not perceived by everyone as pleasant. Therefore, it is not necessarily recommended to everyone.

Warming ointments

Unlike a cooling ointment, the warming ointment warms the skin as well as the muscle tissue that is under the skin. Very often, the warming ointments contain the active ingredient capsaicin. It is the same active ingredient that gives the chili its sharpness. The warming effect ensures better blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. Since some of the ointments that belong to this group can develop a strong heat on the skin, the use of these ointments is also a matter of taste.

Effect of sports albums

Each of the aforementioned ointments is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin. By massaging the effective ingredients of the ointment get into the skin. The concentration of the active ingredients of the ointment are usually lower on the skin than in the ointment itself and are transported by osmotic pressure in the skin. Some of these ointments develop their effect by the contact with the skin or by their contact with the air. This mainly means the cooling ointment and the warming ointment.

Which ointment is the best for athletes

Basically, any of the above ointments for athletes in question. However, which of them should be used best depends on the type of sports injury. For example, with a cow’s ointment very good results can already be achieved if the ankle is only slightly sprained and no swelling occurs. With a broken leg, the pain-relieving ointment may bring some relief, but only temporarily. In this case, the immediate visit to the doctor is indispensable and there is no ointment that could solve the problem. In addition, ointments, which are prescription, very often used too quickly and without much thought. Hardly anyone thinks that these ointments are not without a prescription and can not be abused. After all, these are a drug that can cause serious side effects. For example, the active substance diclofenac, which is one of the solid constituents of the Voltaren ointment, may cause stomach and intestinal complaints, fatigue and dizziness. In addition, heparin can lead to an increased tendency to bleed if overused or overdosed. Therefore, it is recommended to use sports albums only as an aid that relieves the pain so much that you can make on the way to the family doctor. Cooling ointments can be very successful at minor injuries and make the trip to the doctor unnecessary. The first 48 hours after the injury should be used to inhibit blood flow to prevent swelling or inflammation. In addition to the cooling gel, cooling compresses should also be used here. After the two days warming ointments may be used. Ointments containing heparin and ointments that are considered medicinal should not be used without consultation with the doctor.

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