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  • THERAPEUTIC AMOUNTS PER TEASPOON (47 servings per jar): Pure...
  • PURE ROYAL JELLY (745 per tsp). A natural source of...
  • BEE POLLEN. A teaspoon of Bee Powered contains 532mg bee...

Propolis counselor

Dear Reader,

Have you ever watched a beekeeper at work? If so, then you know the procedure that a fine-meshed plastic mesh is placed on the hive, the hard-working workers then cement the disturbing gaps. This is not just about the extraction of honey but also of propolis , Once the grid has been removed and frozen, the brittle material can be easily removed from the grid. By placing it in high-percentage alcohol, impurities can be filtered out. Ultimately, the human is doing a lot of the work of the bees, as they first remove the resin from trees such as poplar, birch or chestnut. Mingled with nozzle secretions, the animals use the material to seal their buildings and protect themselves from diseases. The knowledge of the valuable material and its properties is not exactly new, even the ancient Egyptians used it for embalming.

Propolis finds its application mainly in medicine and is also called „natural antibiotic“. Due to its many ingredients such as carboxylic acids, essential oil, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it is used in a variety of diseases – in humans and animals. Thus, for example, inflammation in the area of ​​the mucous membranes and of the gums or in the throat and the resulting pain can be alleviated very well. Even external ailments such as acne, burns or atopic dermatitis can be successfully treated, which is due to the insulating effect (remember the hive). Last but not least propolis also used for relaxation and stress reduction. Anyone who exploits their body through excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco or permanently malnourished, has promptly and inevitably struggled with the consequences. here are propolis tablets recommended as the resin promotes the metabolism and supports the immune system.

Not everyone tolerates the drug, it is estimated that about 3 – 4% of people are allergic, depending on the composition of the product. People with atopic disposition (hypersensitivity of the skin and mucous membranes) or asthmatics have an elevated level riskfor an allergy and should propolis therefore avoid. The same applies to allergy sufferers against Peru balsam, poplar bud products, cinnamon bark and dimethylallyl-caffeic acid ester. But which products can be purchased with a clear conscience? As in every other product division, there are serious differences here as well. Generally, it is believed that the best advice is to have the products come directly from the apiary itself. Ultimately, large pharmaceutical companies never know exactly how much the raw material is prepared before it goes on sale. An example of a reliable source is Ducklaff Apiculture and its online shop. However, if you want to be sure, ask in advance in the pharmacy or at his doctor. The reason for this is that, although there are countless studies on the phenomenal effects of propolis and its applications are, however, hardly substantiated, freely accessible sources about the quality of a single product. It should be noted, however, that the color of the natural product should move between a mild yellow and a strong shade of brown, the taste is classified as sour, with a bitter aftertaste may be present. This in turn can only be seen in a follow-up purchase because you get hardly samples of propolis provided. Is there a label listing all ingredients? If this is not the case, we strongly advise against the product. Do not use additives such as Glumat or dyes.

If you pay attention to these points, you can hardly go wrong. A healthy life for you!

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