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  • #1 Dr Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears*, packaging may...
  • Extended Protection
  • Fast Long-Lasting Dry Eye Symptom Relief
  • #1 Dr Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears*
  • Extended Protection
  • Fast Long-Lasting Dry Eye Symptom Relief
  • pack of 2 (460067)
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Eye drops counselor

Our eyes are our window to the world. However, they are subjected to daily stress, be it through hours of screen work, environmental pollution, sensory overload or artificial light. In addition, dust, dry air, sun, wind and allergens often irritate our eyes. These react with redness, itching and often with conjunctivitis. A common problem is the dry eye. Especially for this problem, there are many different types of retailers eye drop ,

Dry eye due to disturbed tear production

If the production of tears in the eye is disturbed, this often leads to dry eyes. The lacrimal glands in the eye form the tear fluid, which cleanses the cornea and conjunctiva and keeps them moist. It also has an antibacterial effect and thus prevents inflammation. The tear film consists of three different layers. These are the fatty layer, the tear fluid itself and the mucus layer. The tear film is spread over the eye by the blink of the eye. It flows over the small tear ducts of the corner of the eye.

Causes of the dry eye can be certain diseases, medicines and environmental influences. Too dry eyes usually have a long-lasting foreign body sensation, which can also cause pain or purulent discharge. Relieving and healing eye drop for example, in eye complaints such as dry eye or a slight conjunctivitis. Most eye drop are available in the pharmacy without a prescription. In conjunctivitis, however, should always consult a doctor. In some cases, this prescribes then eye drop or ointments with antibiotics.

Contact lens wearers often complain of too dry eyes. This is mostly due to too long wearing times. eye drop or artificial tears can significantly improve the wearing comfort here.

Various eye drops help with eye problems

The natural variant of the eye drops comes from the brand Weleda. They contain extracts from the medicinal plant eyebright or Euphrasia D3 and help with watery, inflamed or reddened eyes. With their help, the self-healing powers should be stimulated, that is, excessive blood circulation in the eye is alleviated. The drops contain no preservatives. They are therefore suitable for the whole family, including children of infancy. In addition, they can also be used very well by contact lens wearers.

If conjunctivitis is present, consult the physician as to whether or not Weleda’s Calendula D4 eye drops may be used. These contain extracts from the marigold and have a soothing and healing effect.

A new kind of eye drops are the OPTIVE eye drops, which have a deep effect on the eye. They quickly relieve the symptoms of strained, dry eyes and provide long-lasting, stress-free vision. The comfort of contact lenses also improves. OPTIVE also helps to prevent corneal damage. The OPTIVE eye drops are specially formulated to moisturise the ocular surface and regenerate deep-seated corneal epithelial cells. In addition, these drops help that the moisture on the eye does not evaporate so quickly. In most cases, OPTIVE must be used less frequently than conventional tear substitutes. The drops are suitable for many forms and causes of the dry eye.

The eye drops Hylo-Comod are also suitable for contact lens wearers and for too dry eyes. They are free of preservatives and very economical, so that the therapy costs are extremely favorable. Due to their special chemical structure binds the hyaluronic acidthe eye drops a multiple of its own weight in water and holds it firmly. Since it adheres very well to the ocular surface, it forms a stable moisture film there.

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