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Depilatory cream counselor

Why one? depilatory creme use?

Everyone dreams of a perfect and hair-free skin. Especially in summer disturbing beard stubble on the face for men, and annoying hairs on the legs for women, quite unpleasant. However, not many women can opt for the painful depilation variants, such as epilation or the wax depilation for the legs, and finally overcome. Also the classic ones razorcan lead to unpleasant skin changes, such as pimples or scuffs. Since offers a high quality and effective depilatory creme a real alternative value added, both for women and men!

How is the functioning of a depilatory cream?

Generally one solves depilatory creme the troublesome hair, by a sulfur-based composition, for example by thioglycolic acid salts, simply on. The hair is therefore not torn out, as in the conventional wax depilation, together with the actual root, but dissolved gently and painlessly. This composition of sulfur compounds thus attack the so-called keratin, about one millimeter below the surface of the skin. This keratin is generally responsible for the structure and stability of our hair and nails. Nevertheless, by intentional attack, the desired skin area with the depilatory creme , an immediate regrowth of the respective hair can be prevented.

How is one? depilatory creme applied and what should be considered?

Basically, the respective depilatory cream is applied to the desired area of ​​the skin to be depilated and then it has to be absorbed and acted upon for a few minutes. It is important that the skin has been cleaned and dried in advance. Also, always read the enclosed instructions from the package before use and observe them during use. After the reaction time, the dissolved hair can finally be removed with a special spatula, usually attached to the package. The possibly existing and superfluous cream on the skin, then only needs to be rinsed thoroughly with water. Nevertheless, the exposure time must be given special attention. Because if the prescribed time is not met, it can also cause skin irritation, or even a burning, on the treated body site. This is usually the case when the time of exposure is neglected, in the more sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini area, or the armpits. Accordingly, it should be worked very carefully and carefully. Also, after the depilation process, the treated body area should always be moisturized. Here a mild body lotion is very suitable. Because the product for the aftertreatment should under no circumstances be perfume or alcohol-based. The treated skin should eventually be able to restore its natural and strong protective cover.

The benefits of a depilatory cream

Probably the most important advantage of a depilatory cream is probably the absolutely painless application. In addition, the use is very user-friendly and fast. Also, many creams are already available from three euros. Especially products such as the Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin are very good examples of this. Furthermore, there are many products on the market that are specifically designed for use on dry or sensitive skin. There are also creams that have been specially developed for use in men, such as Deepline Men’s Hair Removal Cream. Accordingly, further research in the field has focused on sustainable and gentle use for all skin and hair types. So this method of depilation is very cost-effective and versatile.

The disadvantages of a depilatory cream

After using a depilatory cream, the effect usually lasts for only about ten days. This period is, compared to a conventional shave, a bit longer. However, after using a depilatory cream, the hair may regrow significantly faster than after electrical epilation, or after waxing. Furthermore, skin irritation can occur even when using non-high-quality products.

Conclusion for a use of a depilatory cream

Since not everyone prefers hair removal by epilation or waxing, a depilatory cream at this point is a profitable alternative. However, before purchasing the desired creams, care should be taken to use high quality materials during manufacture. Interested parties can also inform themselves through the various portals, the provider and the desired product in advance. Especially if allergies should exist, this circumstance should be clarified in advance. Otherwise, a depilatory cream is a cheap and effective hair removal option for everyone.

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