10 Best Brazil nuts of 2019

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  • UNSALTED, RAW, HIGH ENERGY, Healthy Choice Snack!
  • Great source of Nutrition including high healthy fat,...
  • Unsalted, Whole, Raw
  • Excellent Source of Selenium
  • Fresh, Wholesome & Tasty
  • Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Raw Brazil Nuts, 16 Ounces
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Earth Kosher, Raw, Gluten-Free,...
  • Makes a decadent nut milk and is a good source of selenium
  • UNSALTED, RAW, HIGH ENERGY, Healthy Choice Snack!
  • Great source of Nutrition including high healthy fat,...
  • 👌 GOURMET RAW BRAZIL NUTS - Fresh, Crunchy, Buttery...
  • 👌 CONVENIENTLY DESHELLED - Large Nut Chunks are...
  • 👌 LOADED WITH HEALTH BENEFITS - Antioxidant, Vitamin...
  • Beyond Nature Raw Brazil Nuts, 3 LB
  • Buttery, Crunchy and Nutritious: Non-GMO and Gluten-Free
  • Unsalted and Deshelled: Perfect for snacking, baking, shakes...
  • Gourmet, Savory Flavor
  • Packed Fresh
  • Healthy snack , Great Taste
  • Roasted Salted Brazil Nuts 2 Pounds
  • Resealable 2 pound Bag
  • Certified Kosher under the OK

Brazil nuts Guide

Nuts are generally healthy. Also Brazil nuts contain many important minerals, which are hardly found in other foods in such a combination. As walnutsBrazil nut also contains a high proportion of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The highest proportions are phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. These minerals contribute to the functionality of the organs and the whole metabolism. They are indispensable in the diet and should therefore be on the table every day. Another trace element is selenium, which is commonly referred to as a natural aphrodisiac. Studies have shown that selenium can increase testosterone levels. In this respect effects can be influenced on the one hand on the sex drive, on the other hand on the muscle building. Bodybuilders therefore often like to snack on a portion of different nut varieties, too Brazil nuts contain. Selenium also plays a role in antioxidants. In this function, it also fulfills the task of protecting against free radicals.

Buy Brazil nuts | Intershopping for superfood

Brazil nuts are not always available in the supermarket. This is because the trade or import of Brazil nuts is heavily regulated by the EU. It therefore makes sense Brazil nuts to buy in online shops, as there is a large supply. The reason for this is aflatoxin, which was found in the shells of nuts and is classified as harmful. Therefore, imported Brazil nuts tested. For example, the Bremen spice trade offers Brazil nuts in a savings pack. Aflatoxin-tested nuts are sold as Medium Bio product. Without artificial additives, flavor enhancers or preservatives, the Brazil nuts become part of muesli or an intermediate snack. Furthermore, these Brazil nuts contain no glutamate and are free of artificial flavors or any additives.

Ideal supplier of selenium and unsaturated fatty acids

As a source of vitamins and minerals, Brazil nuts are also known as superfoods. In this context, the Brazil nuts can be called Bio Natur by Jalall D’or. The 1 kilogram pack is ideal as a family pack for snacks, cakes or dessert. Instead of the high calorie chips you can also get a delicious mix of nuts on the coffee tableand enjoy pure health. Because in the Brazil nut you will also find omega-6 fatty acids, and while for the bodybuilder Selenium is consumed in everyday life, enjoy other people also known as selenium for the stabilization of hair and nails.

Why not give Brazil nuts as a present?

Brazil nuts are especially tasty as a sweet present. Heavy Paranuss meets marzipan as a pack of 4 is ideal as a small surprise when visiting friends. Even if there are suddenly guests at the door and a snack for coffee is in demand, Brazil nuts with chocolate are wonderful. A little change with health factor! Delicacies could not be more beautiful. Schwermer gift packaging can also be used as a small gift for the neighbors. For small gifts receive the friendship and show the recipient that you have thought of him.

Do you know the Brazil nut effect?

If you buy a bag of mixed nuts, you will find that the smaller nuts are at the bottom of the bag, though everyone would think that the big and heavier nuts should be there. This is not so, because the Brazil nut effect causes small cavities to be created by shaking and movement during transport. Through these cavities now slip small nut parts, so at the end are the big Brazil nuts on top of the bag, even if this makes no sense at first. Enjoy your meal!

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