10 Best Window box of 2018

  • Novelty
  • Lawn & Patio
  • GeLive
  • Bloem
  • The clean and sleek design compliments most of the home and...
  • Lovely gift item for any nature or gardening enthusiast
  • A hole at the bottom of the pot allows easy drainage.
  • GeLive
  • Window Garden LLC
  • Bring clean lines and minimalist style to your home decor...
  • Rectangular design, a removable draining tray, and 2...
  • Perfectly displays live potted plants, flowers, or even home...
  • Set: 5 hooks+5 outer basin + 5 inner pots + 5 root cotton...
  • Outer basin diameter 4.25",pots height 4.2",Inner pots...
  • Raised rim design allows easy handling and easy stack...

Balcony box Guide

Spring is just around the corner, summer lures with warmth and sunshine, autumn shows its own colors and even in winter they are a decorative element: window boxes. Monochrome or brightly colored, standing or attached, they bring color to life even in the gray of the big city!

Balcony box is not equal Window box

They are available in simple plastic or braided designs as well as with and without irrigation system. In size they vary between small to large. In them, either one or more plants have room to grow.
The classic among the balcony boxes has a rectangular shape and is about 50 centimeters long. It is made of plastic. In its bottom surface there are marked points that can be easily made with a pointed object, drillor knife tip, can be pierced. This should be done before filling earthnecessarily happen later Window box Prevent waterlogging.
The higher quality version of a balcony box consists of an outer shelland an insert, which is usually equipped with a water level indicator. The advantage of such models is that a space is created between soil and earth, which ensures an optimal water balance. Tip: The disadvantage of the simple balcony box for this variant can be remedied by filling a drainage made of pebbles. Comfortable gardeners, however, better use a model with use.
Plastic window boxes have the advantage that they are light. Together with the soil, and later the irrigation water, so the weight can be reduced. Since balcony boxes are often hung on a balustrade, it is important to pay particular attention to this.
Who decides against plastic, can choose balcony boxes made of galvanized metal. They are often already provided with a hook for attaching.
Nature lovers choose the rather rare version in wood.
Regardless of the material, with regard to the area or parapet length, balcony boxes of different lengths can be combined with each other to create a uniform appearance. However, if you like it mixed or a colorful confusion, has free choice. The range of offered balcony boxes seems to be endless.

Design and easy installation

Plastic does not have to look smooth and boring: Balcony boxes look like rattan.
Or should they rather like a little one garden fenceappearance? No problem – window frames are also available in this design.
Bright colors can convince regarding a balcony box. Combined with monochromatic flowering plants, this then makes a real eye-catcher.
Anyone who spares an elaborate assembly, accesses a railing box. This is hung over the railing and fastened with clips. Toolis not needed. The particular effect of such an embodiment is that the plants are visible both inwardly and outwardly. Flower pots for hanging on the railing are the alternative for single planting. Shapely and colored can be both variants.


The selection of window boxes is large and lovers of every design and every color will find it. It is important to be clear in the run-up to the purchase about how the boxes and their plants should look like an ensemble. If monochrome plants are set, colored boxes can be considered. In order not to let the confusion get too big, in multicolored blooming plants monochrome boxes can form the contrast. Nevertheless: Everything that pleases is allowed!

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