10 Best weed killer of 2019

Weed killer guide

Weed killer or herbicide is not only used privately, but rather it is intended to protect crops from weeds. This may consist of chemical agents, although there are always natural means. What everyone sprays in his garden or on the field is almost up to you.

The history of herbicides
An exact year, when the first herbicide was used, does not exist. Thus it is believed that around the year 1851 iron sulphate. Thereafter, from 1896, copper sulfate and sulfuric acid were used against weeds. Of course, people always wanted better weed killer , which then of course the development went on. In 1926, sodium chlorate and dinitrocresol (DNOC) were used against weeds. The first highly effective herbicide was developed in 1942 and was 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D). That’s how the handling of herbicides started, which was far from over. Because now also the plants were bred new, which should be resistant against certain herbicides or also insects and weeds. However, the weeds have also evolved, making them resistant to certain herbicides. Therefore, the development continues, although it is natural weed killer gives. These are almost as effective, but they do not harm the environment so much.

Glyphosate more than controversial
Of course, the recent development should not be neglected, because this means is more than controversial. This is said to be carcinogenic, with glyphosate still being the most widely used herbicide. That’s why there are lots of offers on the internet right now. However, until now there has been no new EU readmission, which means that this money should not be marketed on the German market either. Glyphosate has existed since the 1970s and is a so-called broad-spectrum herbicide, which does not just stop at crops. To be able to use the remedy must use specially bred plants. These are then resistant to glyphosate, which of course could be a relief. But the development of glyphosate was much earlier, because it was developed by the Swiss Henri Martin who worked for Cilag. However, it was not mentioned in any literature at this time. Thereafter, Cilag was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1959. After this acquisition, glyphosate and other samples were sold to Sigma-Aldrich. In the 1960s, only small amounts of the substance were sold, the biological effect was still unknown. Only when Monsanto tested this substance closer, then the weed killer patent pending in 1971. The patent was then granted in 1974, and then came on the market as Roundup herbicide. Genetically modified plants have also been on the market since the 1990s. These are resistant to glyphosate and so can be sprayed throughout the year.

natural weed killer
The people always wanted to destroy the weeds, because of course, the yield at harvest is dependent on it. But nature has a lot in store, which was forgotten in the age of chemistry. Of course, here is weeding on the top, but only for private use. However, this is quite unsuitable for farmers, but even these do not have to fall back on the chemical leg. These substances then turn to organic farmers, where even when sowing, attention is paid to plants that grow together and at the same time destroy certain weeds. Of course, so many could come up with the idea, just salt and vinegarto use. Unfortunately, this is not possible because they are prohibited for this purpose. This is because the concentration in the soil increases and can not be controlled. But weeds can simply be doused with boiling water. Then let it dry and remove. The harm of the environment is not, just as microorganisms are not damaged here.

Make price comparison before buying
Of course, not everyone has time and desire to destroy the weeds by hand. Then the chemistry has to be with you weed killer help out, but here should then be made a price comparison. Of course, the instructions for use should be carefully considered, because if misused, these are not healthy for humans. After then the price comparison was made, then everyone can order the right weed killer on the Internet. Of course, there are some differences here as well, with the roundups still being the most popular. This destroys everything from weeds, so that only one remedy can be used against each weed. But there are also weed killers that are biodegradable and bees do likewise nothing. Thus, anyone can then get rid of weeds, without the environment is too heavily burdened. Of course, these funds are a bit more expensive than others, but who this is important, of course, does not always look at the price.

Great choice for every garden
Of course, a farmer has different requirements than a gardener has. Therefore, there are so many different weed killers, so then there is the perfect remedy for every claim. There are herbicides that do not pollute the environment so much, which then also applies to humans. After all, development has not stopped in this area, which is important for humans and the environment. Many wild herbs are also remedies, but nobody wants to have them next to his roses. Exactly for this there are then herbicides, which are gentle, but destroy these herbs. Whereby there is still a difference with herbicides, because there are these specifically for the raceand then for flowers. Therefore, the selection should be made accordingly. It can also be important here that these herbicides are often harmless after drying out. Thus, then, for example, the lawn can be entered again without danger. Weed killers are an important help in agriculture, as they ensure our prosperity. But these funds should always be used wisely, as too much damage can then be done. Thus, the exact selection is also important here, so then only certain weeds do not make their way into the garden.

Weed killers can make life easier, but some can even make people sick. Many people therefore refrain from herbicides, which a farmer so not really can. Because this must keep the same size areas free of weeds. This can be used in the home garden, but it does not have to be. Of course, this also depends on the time someone can spend in the garden. Otherwise, there are herbicides that break down again after a certain time, which is then explained by the manufacturer exactly. A beautiful garden without weeds is guaranteed.

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