10 Best stalk of 2019

  • The Mountain
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  • The Criterion Collection (07/18/2017)
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  • Prime Video
  • English
  • The Mountain
  • Apparel
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Stilts Guide

With stalk opens up completely new perspectives

Almost everyone has ever experienced stilt walkers at a folk festival or at another event. In imaginative CostumesDressed, these giant figures walk through the streets and amaze young and old alike. Running on stalk obviously has a much longer tradition than most suspect. For example, in the mid-16th century, Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted children playing along the street stalk hilarious. And it is certain that jugglers and minstrels also caused a sensation and attention in earlier times when they were on stalk went under the amazed people. But the stalk In the past, they were not only used as a game or sports device. Stilts were often the only way to get around, especially in swampy areas and in regions where the paths are submerged in persistent rainfall in the morass. And even now, stilts are often used by representatives of certain professional groups to do work at height without the use of ladders.

Stilts for playing and for athletic training

Anyone who has ever tried the stilt race knows the pitfalls of this sporty game. Only the one who coordinates his movements well and safely, can move on stilts for a long time and possibly even win a race. The simplest stilts are made of wood. On stable wooden rods, appropriate pieces of wood are attached at a certain height above the lower end, which serve as kicks. At the top usually cross bars are attached. The distances between the parts must be adjusted very precisely to the height of the body. The safest way to use the stilts is when the upper crossbar can be firmly clamped in the armpit. Who buys stilts for children, should therefore opt for a model in which the height is adjustable. Then for many years the kids enjoy their toys. Also recommended are stilts made of aluminum. These stilts are very light. They are slightly more expensive to purchase than wooden stilts, but they are also almost indestructible. For athletic stilt walkers, who are looking for a special kick, jump stilts are the right thing to do. These stilts are equipped with a sophisticated spring mechanism and allow daring jumps and even somersaults.

Stilts as a substitute for ladders

Particularly high demands are placed on stilts, which are intended for commercial purposes. These are firmly attached to the legs of the craftsman, because the arms must indeed be free to work. Installoo® GmbH, founded in 2007, specializes in stilts for a wide variety of jobs. The promise: who does not first on the ladderWhenever he has to do work on the ceiling, or if he wants to harvest fruit from the branches at the top of the tree, he has to climb much faster. A certain amount of practice time is required, but experience has shown that most get used to dealing with stilts quickly.

Compared to the stilts for children, the shelves of this stilts are significantly larger. This ensures that you can stand still for a long time while working. Supports and straps ensure that the stilts hold reliably on the leg. This allows the user to concentrate fully on his work. These stilts are available in different sizes from size M to size XL. The maximum load is specified by the manufacturer with 120 kg. These professional felts are also used by hobby craftsmen. And artists have already recognized the potential of these high-quality stilts and use the secure stilts for sensational walkacts.

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