10 Best Soil Strainer of 2019

  • Durable metal, stainless steel construction guarantees...
  • Break up the clumps of dirt and sift out all of the rocks...
  • Designed so that rocks come out easily Four interchangeable...
  • Top diameter: 13-1/4"
  • Mesh screen size: 1/8"
  • Wire thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Galvanized 1/4-inch mesh
  • A must-have around the potting table
  • Use to remove rocks and debris from soil
  • Great multipurpose soil and debris sieve set w/ Three...
  • 12" stainless steel frame holds roughly a cup, Sieve mesh...
  • Create your own Bonsai or potting soils, Filter fine dust...
  • Sifts out large debris
  • Galvanized frame
  • Approximately 9" x 7" sifting area
  • 304 Stainless Steel Wire
  • Galvanized steel
  • Measures 19-inch w at handles, 4-inch d
  • 3/8-inch by-3/8-inch opening mesh
  • The Garden Riddle is 330mm in diameter
  • 10mm square base plate holes
  • Chrome plated steel for durability
  • Durable metal, stainless steel construction guarantees...
  • Break up the clumps of dirt and sift out all of the rocks...
  • Designed so that rocks come out easily Four interchangeable...
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Earth Seed Guide

Anyone who owns a garden needs a range of equipment and accessories. One of these devices is one soil-strainer , which especially when refilling earthan indispensable helper.

Earth without roots
Whenever you get soil, it is often mixed with roots or even whole plants. If one then replenishes this soil in one’s own garden, the plants and roots in the soil can also gain a foothold in their own garden and spread out considerably. To prevent this is a soil-strainer very helpful. The soil-strainer helps to rid the earth of roots, plants and other things. It is beside that soil-strainer also an indispensable helper, if you operate a composter in your own garden. Again, the transformed soil should be freed from stubborn plant remains before being reused. In this way it can be ensured that there are no unwanted components in the earth. Of course, with the help of soil-straineres also other impurities can be sieved out of the earth.
Earth sieves are offered with different recording powers and with different mesh sizes.

Various uses
The soil-strainer can not only be used to sieve roots or plant remains from the earth, but also to remove stones or demolition debris inside. Earth sieves are also used in industrial earth processing plants to rid the earth of industrial components. In such soil may be residues of plastic films or other packaging parts. Also, to destroy lumps in the earth, a sieve can be used perfectly. This even clumps are destroyed, which one with a shovelor with one spadecan not destroy. Soil that has been dirtied can be used much better in the garden and gives better results as it can breathe better.
In addition to the use of soil can be screened with a soil sieve and sand optimally. Here, too, seeds of plants or trees are sifted out perfectly and even with sand, lumps can be perfectly destroyed.

Earth sieve models
The Scheppach 42030000 garden roller screen RS 400 0 36 kg 230 / 50WE MW20 is offered with a high input power. It offers a recording power of 0.5 hp. It refines large amounts of soil, sand or other materials. It offers an adjustable inclination angle of the screen drum and also different mesh sizes of the screen drum, so that one can use this individually for the most different materials. The sieve drum has a total length of 900 mm. The standard mesh size of the sieve drum is 10mm. The screen hole has a diameter of 20mm. Depending on the material, the model offers a capacity of 3 m³ per hour.
For the small garden is the Garland 2 in 1 sieve. It is offered with two exchangeable sieve inserts, of which one Siebeinlange a mesh width of 6mm and the other sieve insert has a mesh size of 12mm. The Garland 2 was made in 1 sieve made of recycled polypropylene. It offers a size of 35 x 35 x 12.5 cm.
From BREMA comes the sieve stainless steel 22.5 cm with two handles. It offers one
very good quality and contrary to sieves with only one handle, it can be held very well even with heavy materials in the hand. Due to the material stainless steel it offers a good protection against rust and thus a very long durability.

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