10 Best scraper of 2018

  • Ideal for scraping labels and decals from glass,...
  • Large scraper with TPR handle for maximum grip
  • Mini razor scraper made of tough polypropylene with TPR...
  • Perfect for cutting dough, sectioning pie crusts, chopping...
  • Stainless steel blade includes quarter-inch markings for...
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip handle
  • Straight and curved edges for scraping work surfaces, bowls
  • Thin edge makes it easy to scrape
  • Can be a handy addition to any kitchen
  • 4" CARBON STRENGTH STEEL BLADE - In a Beautiful Mirrored...
  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE - Blade is Designed with the Perfect...
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT HANDLE - Soft Rubberized Ergonomically...
  • Straight and curved edges for scraping work surfaces, bowls
  • Thin edge makes it easy to scrape
  • Can be a handy addition to any kitchen
  • 5 blades are included
  • Large hand hole for convenient storage
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Pan scraper
  • Durable polycarbonate
  • Red and Black
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Paint Scrapers that get the job done...
  • ONE TOOL WITH MULTIPLE USES: Tools can be used as a paint...
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Straight-ground blades for...
  • Exceptionally well crafted heavy duty stainless steel blade...
  • Commercial quality can be used In restaurants, food shops,...
  • Securely riveted
  • 6-in-one tool
  • Makes repair and refinishing jobs quick and easy
  • 6 uses in one tool include gouger, scraper, putty remover,...

Joint scraper advisor

So that you are always on the safe side when cleaning the garden, there are scraper , The weeds can be removed from almost all joints and corners. So that the back is not overstressed, it is available with an extension. So you do not have to crawl on the floor and can easily scratch the weeds out of the joints. The blade of the scratches is quite sharp, so that larger can be removed in a jiffy.

Joint scraper for tiles

Once the tiles are dirty and you can not clean the joints with commercially available cleaning agents, often only helps scraper , You can get into every crack and every corner. There are many with a roller guide, so you can not slip and scratch the tiles. Only a few steps are needed to restore the tiles to their former glory. The carbide-tipped blades eliminate any kind of contamination in the joints. They are particularly robust and durable. If a blade is no longer useful, this can be changed in a few simple steps.

Joint scraper for weeds

The powder-coated steel offers absolute comfort when cleaning the panel joints. The ergonomically shaped wooden handle stabilizes the scratch at work and thus provides a clean result. Different models offer a variety of properties. Some of them have a high-quality blade, while the others have wire pens that only loosen up the weeds. In the end, you have to tear it out yourself. Some models have a trident as a blade. This can be easily turned after the wear of a blade and you already have a fresh sharp blade. However, this is damaged now and then and is therefore only for experienced gardeners and garden landscapers. With the commercial scratches that are offered in many supermarkets, you can remove the weeds quite well, but there are always residues in the joints. As a result, the weeds grow very quickly and contaminate the joints.

Purpose alienation of joint scratches

Such a device can be used not only for weed removal and tile cleaning. He is versatile in the household and used in the garden. For example, you can easily remove old silicone residues with it. Even with plants you can scraper use. Here, planting holes can be engraved or edited.

Special features of a joint scraper

One should pay particular attention to the processing of the blade when buying such a device. Many vendors use cheap steel or even blunt blades. The weed can not be removed and if you look forward to gardening, this is even more annoying. The processing of the handle is important. Particularly suitable is a wooden handle. He lies well in the hand and has advantages in the weight. Many other handles usually weigh more than the rest of the device. An extension option should also be given. If you have hard to reach places, you can easily get there with an extension and eliminate the weeds there. Another advantage of the extension is the comfort. You do not have to bend down constantly or crawl on the floor. Almost everything can be done standing. Since this is not an electrical device, there are some places where you have to stoop despite everything.

Extensions and accessories

Many extensions can be screws. Others are simply put in the grip of the weevil guard. Choosing the right handle can add a lot to the desired result. Some models have an ergonomic locking screw on the handle. This fixes the stem and weeds can be easily removed. Stems of up to 130cm in length are not uncommon. So the weeds can be made away in the most accessible places.

Blades and handles

On scraper with a triangular blade is more suitable for large plate joints. For smaller joints, the plates could be damaged, as this blade is slightly thicker and more robust than the common models. Most models use a hardened and sealed steel blade. It has the best properties for gardening. Since most blades are stainless, the scraper be easily stored outdoors. They are very space-saving and fall under the other garden tools hardly on.

Alternatives to joint scratches

There are many other ways of combating the weeds. Among others, become common gas burnerused. These burn the weeds down to the root and destroy it completely. However, you should pay particular attention to the plates. Many do not withstand such high temperatures and could be torn or contaminated. Also popular are so-called joint brushes. A mesh of hardened wire adapts flexibly to the joint and eliminates the weeds without leaving any marks on the panels.

Advantages of the joint scraper

Many often use a kitchen knife to get the weeds out of joint. No such a scratch will be of much help here. It facilitates the work very much by the sharp blade and the extension. You save a lot of time and even your back.


Some variants have big blades and can damage the plates. But if you pay attention to the right size, a joint scraper is a good thing. Other devices like the burner can work faster and more efficiently. Also in the processing, there are some disadvantages. Many models have a handle in which after a few minutes, the hands can be sore and scrubbed.


If you have a large area to work on, you should use a joint scraper. Because in the long run, the back can be heavily loaded and the weeds may not be properly eliminated. It can regrow after a few weeks. With the ground-scraper you get deeper into the joint so as to be able to remove the roots. Some cheap models offer exactly the same features as the expensive branded products. It does not always have to be the expensive product from specialist retailers. Many hardware stores offer a large selection and also many cheap variants in which one can confidently strike.

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