10 Best Rain barrel round of 2018

  • Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Built in planter to add life to your water collecting
  • Fully round for a more authentic barrel look
  • Linkable to other rain barrels
  • Rain barrel diverters are available with and without hole...
  • 2x3 - 3x4 or Round options to choose from
  • Lots of other RainBarrelParts available to choose from
  • Gathers 100% pure rain water to reuse on your lawn and...
  • Durable resin barrel holds 50 gallons of water
  • No assembly required
  • This Diverter for 3" or 4" downspout allows you to manually...
  • Ideal for collecting rain water into rain barrels or large...
  • Available in 3 different options for each size.
  • Rain barrel diverters are available with and without hole...
  • 2x3 - 3x4 or Round options to choose from
  • Lots of other RainBarrelParts available to choose from
  • RUSTIC STONEWARE URN DESIGN - Save resources by lowering...
  • INTEGRATED PLANTER - The top of the rain barrel has an...
  • INCLUDES RAIN WATER DIVERTER SYSTEM - The included diverter...
  • Authentic oak barrel texture is molded into each barrel and...
  • Built in planter to add life to your water collecting
  • Fully round for a more authentic barrel look
  • Use these parts to connect your downspout to your Rain...
  • Note that Amazon is not able to show the complete group name...
  • Now you can order parts with and without drill bits/hole...
  • Rapido Quatro for Round Down Spout with drill bit
  • Made in Germany

Rain barrel round Guidebook

Compact, portable and economical – rain barrels help to save valuable water in the house by storing greywater for later use.
A round rain barrelIn the garden usually stores up to 500 liters for garden irrigation and saves money and also protects the environment. What to look for when buying a round garden trough, what are the differences in the models and where the risks of a garden can, this guide tells.

Classic wooden or modern and practical plastic?

In the meantime, the classic wooden rain barrels have become somewhat out of fashion, but they are still available. Visually, wooden rain barrels are also a real gain in any garden, because the classic barrels make a good impression and are reminiscent of their fittings and the tap for the watering Canto huge wine barrels.
However, wooden rain barrels are heavy and therefore less mobile, wood can be infested by pests and can leak over the years. Even the metal fittings can rust through the time and weather, in the worst case, the rain barrel made of wood thus leaking. In addition, the wooden barrels are of course much more expensive than their counterparts made of plastic and offer a lower capacity. Large wine barrels have about a capacity of about 250 liters.
However, the look and style of a rain barrel made of wood is incomparable. Especially for rustic garden furniture fits this form of rain barrel ideal.
Plastic rain barrels can not compete in terms of style and often seem like oversized Trashcan, Even if terracotta, stone or wood ajar plastic barrels may deceive a distanced look, but at least from close up the impression vanishes.
For plastic rain barrels are easy to clean, easy to transport and easy to replace due to their low purchase price.
This certainly plays a role, as rain barrels are cleared in winter in the basement or garage. It is not practical for everyone to drag a wooden barrel through the garden.

Rain barrels in action – this is to be observed before and after the purchase

Probably the most important point for any form of rain barrel is the cover, because for various reasons, rain barrels must always be kept locked.
In principle, of course, the inlet for the rainwater is not the direct precipitation, but the inlet of the gutter. Accordingly, a rain barrel does not have to be open at the top, because this sets in several times riskrepresents.
In uncovered rain barrels, squirrels and even cats can drown and they are also an invitation to a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These not only lay their eggs in the water, but are at worst a source of pathogens.
If a rain barrel does not have a suitable cover and a connection option for the gutter, the purchase can be foreseen. Even if it is a cheap, used ton.
Otherwise, of course, it should be noted that the rainwater is gray water – this is by no means suitable for consumption. It is highly infectious and contains pollutants. Rain barrels collect water for the garden so that no drinking water needs to be wasted on plant watering.
A nice bonus is a stand for the barrel. In the case of plastic barrels, this can be an attachment, for wooden casks, constructions made of wood or stone are recommended. Thus, the tons are not directly at ground level, which makes the tapping of the water more comfortable and with wood it prevents the rotting of the barrel bottom.

The round rain barrel for the garden: always a round thing

Round rain barrels are more than just practical accessories for the garden. With them you can collect rainwater for the garden and the rain barrel allows an economic and ecological water management.
Models made of wood or plastic have different advantages and disadvantages; but for every garden there is the right rain barrel.

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