10 Best pruners of 2018

  • Anvil blade with a sap groove
  • A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both...
  • Rubber cushion and shock absorber
  • MODERN DESIGN. Pruning is fun with these beautiful,...
  • SHARP BYPASS BLADE. Features carbon stainless steel chrome...
  • SHOCK ABSORBING SPRING. The embedded spring brings a...
  • Fiskars Brands
  • 91095935
  • NEW
  • VIVOSUN hand pruner is ideal for trimming, shaping and other...
  • Sring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to...
  • Blade: High grade stainless steel blades for precision...
  • gonicc
  • Misc.
  • gonicc
  • Anvil blade with a sap groove
  • A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both...
  • Rubber cushion and shock absorber
  • Stainless Steel blade and hook
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip
  • Lightweight,easy to use
  • ✂PROFESSIONAL PRUNERS recommended by gardeners and first...
  • ✂SAFETY LOCK designed with you in mind. Easy to use...
  • ✂ERGONOMIC RUBBER HANDLES for a pain free experience with...

Pruners Guide

Of the pruners is a kind of extended arm with a cutting attachment for outdoor facilities. When pruning trees or hedges, users do not need help to overcome heights or short distances. Equipped with a battery or petrol tank that drives a motor, the electric garden tool is suitable for longer work. pruners are available in hardware stores, garden shops and online shops.

Pruners – individual elements at a glance

At one end, an ergonomically shaped handle is mounted, from there runs a telescopic pole, at the end of which is the fuel tank or the battery and engine and cutting attachment. From the outside, the tank or battery is not visible due to a protective plastic cap. Part of the protective cap is removed to the beginning behind it sawto oil. The telescopic rod is secured at individual sections by a locking system, so that it does not shift during a work process. A strap that the user places during the sawing or cutting process secures the device from damage.

Hochenraster exists with only one or exchangeable essay. The buyer should determine the need beforehand, because a multi-purpose financial savings are possible. It must be ensured that the electronics can be controlled by means of an on / off switch. Under no circumstances should persons be in the immediate vicinity of the saw or cutting attachment during the operating time of the device. The saw chain must be tightened at regular intervals to ensure strength. If this is too loose, it may loosen during sawing and cause damage.

The charging battery with an average of 18 volts takes about 60 minutes to fully charge. The state of charge must be checked before using the high grid. Included in delivery is a charging cable with power plug. This one is for ordinary household sockets. Manufacturers often point out to use only original batteries for these devices. For gas tanks, the indicator on the tank helps and this is filled before starting work if necessary.

What works with pruners carry out?

The device is intended for garden and green areas. Depending on the attachment, trees can be trimmed with a high grid. Even thin branches do not have to be cut off with a hand tool, but can be easily removed from the ground. A ladderThis eliminates the need for extra work safety. Furthermore, a tailor is suitable for the hedge. In this case, only protruding branches or leaf stems are removed to obtain a uniform length. With some creativity, users can even mold with the pruners to cut. This is how an ordinary garden quickly turns into a facility with artistic accents.

After use, clean the device according to the operating instructions. Small branches that are in the interstices of the chainsawget caught, they can block. A work process has to be stopped to remove the branch.

Pruners from brand manufacturers

At electronic ToolIt is always important to make no compromises to ensure your own safety. Quality pruners There are, inter alia, Einhell. The „BG-LC 1815 T“ pruner with battery is designed for tree work and equipped with a chainsaw. Through a stepless telescopic rod and an adjustable strap these are adjusted to the physique of a human. This allows several workers to use the device. By a separate locking mechanism, the rod can not slip or loosen when working. The cutting length of the chain saw is 200 mm, the total length is between 185 mm and 265 mm depending on the setting.

The 4-in-1 garden set with pruners is a multiset, which allows several steps by means of a main unit. The Zipper set includes a trimmer with a 2-thread head and a cutting length of 455 mm. In addition comes the scythewith a 3-tooth blade and an 8-tooth blade. Be with it grassesand weeds removed from the garden or green area. A Pruning Sawwith a maximum cutting length of 150 mm and a hedge clipperswith a maximum cutting length of 400 mm. The swivel head of the hedge trimmer can be rotated up to 180 degrees. The engine is powered by gasoline.

Further good high-level grids with optional accessories are available from Atika (KSH 710 high-loader), Hecht (955 W high-loader red) and Greenworks (Tools 20167). Most devices contain a cutting blade from Oregon.

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