10 Best Pond hose of 2018

  • Ideal for pumps, pond Skimmers, UV clarifiers, pressure...
  • Extremely flexible and resistant to crimping or collapsing...
  • Installation can be made simple with the use of barbed...
  • Connects to pumps, bio-filters, UV clarifiers, waterfall...
  • Will not crimp or collapse
  • Can be buried to conceal
  • Connects to pumps, bio-filters, UV clarifiers, waterfall...
  • Will not crimp or collapse
  • Can be buried to conceal
  • It is easy to install and provides a secure connection
  • Designed for both metric or imperial hose sizes
  • Fits hoses from 3/4 to 1-1/2-inch diameter
  • Very flexible - ideal for working in confined areas. Reduces...
  • Saves time, labor and cost.PVC tube with raised exterior PVC...
  • Coils easily for storage and transportation.
  • 1.5 in. inner diameter corrugated tubing; 20 ft. coil
  • Connects your pond equipment
  • Durable yet flexible; Kink-free
  • Country of manufacture: China; material: plastic
  • Net weight: 80G; Package Content: 1 x corrugated tube
  • Main Color: black; inner diameter: 10mm/0.39"
  • Maintains flow into your pond without interruption,...
  • Ponds, Aquariums, Watergardens, Fountains & Aquaculture...
  • Kink-proof tubing will not restrict flow, Made of Phthalate...
  • Ideal for pumps, pond Skimmers, UV clarifiers, pressure...
  • Extremely flexible and resistant to crimping or collapsing...
  • Installation can be made simple with the use of barbed...
  • The simplest way to get air to your diffusers without...
  • Virtually invisible once it is connected and in place
  • Extremely durable, does not kink and remains flexible even...

Pond hose guide

The right pond hose for the garden pond

The pond hose has almost the same importance for the water flow rate as a correctly sized one pond pump, If it is too soft, too narrow or misplaced, hardly any water reaches the filter bin. The installation of suitable pond hoses helps unnecessary expenses for stronger ones water pumpsto get around.

Influence of the pond hose on the operation

Water, which is sucked in by the pond pump deep under the water surface, transports the pond hose to the UVC lamp and to the water filters, Here, unwanted algae are killed and filtered out. What remains is clear, clean water, which makes the pond a thriving oasis in the garden.

Even with constant pumping power, the amount of water varies enormously, depending on the used pond hose and the way it was laid. Pond pumps are designed for energy-saving operation. They carry a lot of water, but they use a little pressure. Frictional losses on the hose walls thus show a much greater impact than with ordinary garden hoses.

Water pressure is also dependent on the height to be overcome. The greater the difference in height that the water in the pond hose has to overcome, the less water pressure is available at the end. And the lower the water pressure, the less water passes through the filter.

If a hose is laid underground and not sufficiently stiff, push it over the soil together. The result is a reduction in usable cross-section, whose friction losses gain in importance. Choosing the right pond hose can add significantly to the water quality of the garden pond.

What should the pond farmer pay attention to?

So that the pond pump can do its work unhindered, it is necessary to pay attention to suitable material and quality when creating the water. The following factors play an important role for the pond hose:

load-bearing capacity

Depending on the size of the pond, a large amount of water has to be circulated daily. The pond pump is designed for this amount of water. It is also necessary to choose the cross-section of the pond hose for the pump so that the pump does not have to fight the pressure in the hose. Usually pond hoses are between 1 and 4 inches, ie between approx. 25 and 100 mm.

A high load capacity is important, so that the pond hose does not compress. Even a decorative natural stone can be enough to reduce the effective cross-section if the hose is too soft. Usually, a hard metal spiral is built into the hose jacket on the outside of the hose. To check the stability, it helps to calmly step on the hose. A good hose should handle that.

Some cheap exports from China show cracks and holes after a short time, through which pumped water is lost. A good pond hose made of PVC or the higher-quality PE has a high temperature and light resistance and can be years in water and sunlight without pressure loss.

Finally, the color should not be neglected, after all, the pond hose is clearly visible in the garden waters. A dark green or black is discreet and hardly stands out against the dark pond bottom. Visitors to the pond are less aware of such colors.

Tips and tricks for the pond hose

The deepest point in the pond is also the worst place for the pond pump. Often, the pump can be placed one to two meters higher, just under a meter below the water surface. The pond hose must then overcome a smaller height difference. Increased flow and lower energy consumption are the result.

If the pond hose remains uncomfortable, a hose camouflage can help. These are strips of a beach mat, which are attached to the hose with unobtrusive cable ties. Under water and in the vegetation of the garden pond, the hose is less noticeable.

If the pond hose runs under heavy soil, for example under a garage access, it should be laid through a sturdy PVC pipe that can withstand these loads. The service life is significantly increased.

Difficulties when connecting to a hose nozzle can often be eliminated with a little soft soap or silicone spray. On the other hand, if the pond hose is too loose, slight differences in circumference can be compensated with some sealing tape and a jaw clamp.


The pond hose depends on the diameter, so that the pond pump can save energy. Large differences in height should be avoided during installation as far as possible. With metal spirals reinforced, weather-resistant material ensures a long life and long years of enjoyment of your own garden pond.

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