10 Best plant stake of 2019

  • Kaya Collection
  • Lawn & Patio
  • Daum Tooling
  • Ram-Pro easy One-hand operation, Reusable, Weatherproof &...
  • The Ram-Pro clips are designed to Support and Protect...
  • Keep your Vegetables/Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling...
  • Quick, easy, and SUPER strong. Perfect addition to any...
  • Wraps onto itself- No tying or knotting required!
  • Reusable, Durable, & easily adjustable. Much better and more...
  • Flower support and plant prop
  • Vinyl coated steel stakes
  • Supports weak plant and flower stems
  • Tingyuan garden stakes are plastic coated steel stakes,...
  • Perfect for securing trees, shrubs, vines and some natural...
  • Use twine or sturdy stretch to secure branches to support.
  • Steel frame for maximum support
  • Absorbs water to keep plant moist longer
  • Easy to insert
  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Great for plants with big blooms!
  • Kaya Collection
  • Lawn & Patio
  • Ram-Pro easy One-hand operation, Reusable, Weatherproof &...
  • The Ram-Pro clips are designed to Support and Protect...
  • Keep your Vegetables/Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling...

Planting rod guide

Planting rod Guide – Definition plant stake

Planting rods are used to attach fruit, vegetable or ornamental plants or as trellis, They will be in bed, pot or Planterstuck and the plant then attached to it. Planting rods are available in many variants and different materials. In addition to wood or bamboo are currently also planting rods made of metal or iron popular. Straight to interior styles like the shabby chic or industrial look, the metal bars look great. Because it has long been rumored that planting rods made of cast iron are beautiful decorative items. The products are available in different heights and diameters. For the heights, the bars can be selected from 50 cm up to a height of more than 200 cm. Of course, the choice of suitable models depends first on the type of plants and their stature height. It is important to choose the height according to the adult plant. Too small rod sizes cause the plant can not properly grow along the rod along. On the other hand, planting rods that are too tall do not look very nice.

Planting rods with beautiful decorations

As mentioned earlier, planting rods are no longer just a practical use, they have now also advanced to elegant decoration objects. There are the products with fantastically beautiful decorations on the upper end, such as small crowns of gold, pretty wrens, rhombic or other graphic patterns, twisted point or a tip in spherical shape. Today, planting rods can be skilfully incorporated into the garden, balcony or terrace design. For example, if you want to make your garden dreamy and romantic, you should also look to one or the other plant stake think with a crocheted lace. The products can be, for example, in addition to the seatingerected plant pots or directly into the earthstuck. In interaction with equally ornate garden chairs, lush printed seat cushionsand beautiful fruit bowls and plates create unique seating areas to dream and relax. Gardens or terraces in a more modern design, on the other hand, are doing very well with planting rods in clear graphic form. Rhombs or triangles on the upper tip provide clarity and structure while setting small visual accents.

Buy plant stems commercially or on the Internet

Anyone looking for one or more planting rods today has a multitude of options for acquiring decorative and practical products. Planting rods in many variants are of course available in the garden areas of DIY stores or garden centers. In addition, the bars are also found in many decorative shops, furniture stores and of course on the Internet. Shops like Amazon, Ebay or Markt.de offer the practical trellis aids in many colors and shapes. In addition, special residential sites have now also specialized in gardening. Examples of shops in which there are planting rods are möbel.de, wohnen24.de or otto.de call. Anyone who values ​​unique plant rods can also have them made by a blacksmith. Gladly this will take into account the individual design wishes and forge really unique planting rods.

What plant rods cost

If you are looking for inexpensive decoration objects for the garden or balcony, planting rods are the right choice. The products are available, depending on the material and height, from just a few euros to buy. The blacksmith made models can be a bit more expensive. After all, it is also about real manual labor.

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