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Pillar of fire counselor

Pillar of fire – one name, many models!
There are many fire columns to buy in the German market. The variety of products overwhelmed and makes it difficult to make a purchase decision. Below we give some product examples for common models and explain what should be considered when buying.

Who one pillar of fire want to buy for his garden or the terrace, which needs a suitable location. The pillar of fire has a certain upward heat during operation and should therefore not be placed in covered areas. Good columns of fire have a base that does not give off the heat extremely to the ground. Nevertheless, the fire columns should be placed on a stable and heat-resistant surface.

Depending on the design, stainless steel materials are used to make fire columns. Common metals such as stainless steel, iron and aluminum are used in the production of fire columns. Meanwhile, however, there are also fire columns to buy, which have a „rust look“. The rusty look is wanted in this design. The designs of fire columns are very different. However, the products have in common that they serve as light objects and sources of heat on cold summer nights.

As light objects they make fun with different combinations of recesses, which give a defined shape, and immerse the garden in beautiful, warm light. The resulting patterns of light and shadow games make every heart beat faster. Since columns of fire have a certain amount of heat, they should be kept away from children and animals. If fire is too unsafe, you can also equip the columns with spotlights from the inside.

Fire column – product examples
The designs of the pillars of fire range from classic to modern to futuristic and rust design. Below are some examples of the different styles of fire columns.

Fire column – My Garden, steel column with ash catcher
The pillar of fire My Garden has a classic design and is made of black, 2 mm thick steel sheets. The shape is also classically chosen as an octagon. The black, octagonal-shaped steel sheets have recesses intended to represent flames. In operation, the garden is bathed in a charming sea of ​​flames. Due to a total weight of about 19 kg falls pillar of fire even in stronger winds and is not safe.

The pillar of fire can with commercial firewoodoperated and has an ash catcher. The container can be easily removed and emptied like a drawer after the ashes have cooled. The dimensions of the column 40 x 40 x 107 cm. So that the heat for the underground is not too large, the delivery includes a 40 x 40 cm large base plate. The bottom plate is also black and fits the design of the pillar of fire.

Pillar of Fire – Ferrum „Magic Dragon“
The pillar of fire is an example of rust design. The product consists of precious grate materials and forms a kite in operation. The pillar of fire can be fueled with firewood and looks like it is spitting fire when it is very hot. This fits the dragon motif and makes the garden look like a place for big adventures.

The column has no base plate and therefore must stand on a refractory base. An example is a background of pebbles and real natural stones. The shape of the column is round and has a diameter of 26 cm. The column is 100 cm high.

Pillar of fire – conclusion
Fire columns are becoming increasingly popular and are a hit on balmy summer nights. The products on the German market are diverse and impress with their many designs, different shapes and diverse motifs. If you are looking for a specific motif, such as tribals, dragons, fires or stars, you will definitely find it. When buying the products, it is important to pay attention to quality, good workmanship and refractory materials. If you find some fire owls among the offers that look rusty, that is not a flaw, but wanted. The rust design is in fashion with fire columns in fashion and is found again with popular motifs. Most pillars of fire are fueled with firewood. Who no riskwith fire, who can alternatively equip the interior of the column with spotlights.

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