10 Best ornamental fountains of 2018

  • Chinese fountain grass is a perennial ornamental grass grown...
  • Chinese Fountain Grass with Latin name Pennisetum...
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  • Helps Control Algae Growth in Ornamental Water Fountains
  • Not recommended for use with live plants
  • EPA registered
  • Ricky A Ames
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  • Beautiful Ornamental grass that is a Landscaper's dream
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Ornamental fountain guide

On ornamental fountains is more than just a stylish accessory in outdoor and indoor areas. The splashing of the water feature has a calming effect. On warm summer evenings ensures ornamental fountains in the garden also for a pleasant mood. A decorative one Fountainis therefore an enrichment for every area.

Meaning of the ornamental fountain in Feng Shui

Water is also an important element in Feng Shui. Water is a symbol of wealth and joie de vivre. The purchase of a small ornamental fountain should have a positive effect on the two factors. There are many ways to integrate a fountain into the outside or living area. Apart from the decorative effect, the different water features in Feng Shui have an individual meaning. Water bubbling or flowing from a well is called yang water. It should influence the financial situation favorably. The still motionless Ying-water has a meditative and calming effect.

Various materials and dimensions

Ornamental fountains differ among others due to the materials of which they are made and the size. The range of fountains, with which the garden, balcony, terrace or rooms can be visually upgraded, is diverse. ornamental fountains can be made of stainless steel, natural stones or terracotta. Persons who have a small ornamental fountains Look for in the natural design, the model „Alpenfels“ with integrated LED lighting can be recommended. The water flows bubbly over several steps of the rugged mountain waterfall, which guarantees a relaxing effect. The integrated LED lighting ensures a particularly nice atmosphere. It is also advantageous that increases the humidity in the room and the room climate is refreshed.

Who against one ornamental fountains looking for his garden and has enough space available should be generous in size. For example, the ornamental fountain „Grada“ with LED lighting is particularly decorative. LED lighting is characterized by extremely low power consumption, so nobody has to worry about the electricity bill rising.

Criteria that must be considered when buying from a decorative well

If you want to buy a fountain, you have to consider different criteria. Relevant is the size, the material, the equipment, included accessories design, structure and price. Anyone who has decided to buy an indoor fountain, for example the „Bergdorf“ model from Infactory, can set it up and put it into operation. It is therefore essential to ensure that the assembly instructions are understandable. The pump and all accessories required for operation must be included in the delivery.

If, on the other hand, it is to be a large ornamental fountain for the garden, it is essential to take into account that the underground must bear the heavy weight of the water feature. It is ideal if the place of installation on the property is laid out or concreted with paving stones or concrete blocks. This can prevent a sinking of the fountain into the ground. Before a fountain is selected and purchased, it must be ensured that a power connection is available near the place of installation. Otherwise, another place to set up the water feature must be selected.

How much money has to be invested in the purchase of a fountain depends on the material, the size, the equipment and the design. Handcrafted, exclusive ornamental fountains are already available for less than 1,000 euros. For ease of construction, most manufacturers offer their wells as sets. All accessories are included, the different components just need to be put together. Most models can be easily connected to a conventional water pipe.

Advantages and disadvantages of ornamental wells


– enable individual garden and interior design
– durable and weather resistant
– create a special atmosphere
– increase the humidity in rooms and optimize the room climate


– continuously generate noise during operation (splashing, pump noise)
– out of wells that are placed in outdoor areas, the water must be completely removed before winter begins

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