10 Best Lopper of 2018

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  • YEP. LIFE MADE EASY! Power through 1.25" diameter thick...
  • A KNIGHT'S BLADE. Fully hardened carbon steel blade will...
  • GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN. 20" long ergonomic grip, rubber...
  • CLEAN CUTS. This lopper powers effortlessly through 1 3/4"...
  • SHARP HARDENED CARBON STEEL BLADE will stay sharp, even...
  • COMFORT GRIP. The rubberized grips on handles provide...
  • CUT UP TO 2" BRANCH - This Lopper has Powerful leverage to...
  • RAZOR EDGE BLADE - The 3 Times Fully heat treated 58+-2°C...
  • ALUMINIUM EXTENDABLE 27" ~ 40 Inch Oval Tubular telescopic...
  • Dimensions: 4W x 32D x 2H in.
  • Compound action for 1 1/2 in. cuts
  • Compound linkage triples cut power
  • Ratchet action allows for easier cutting in short steps -...
  • Sk5 carbon steel upper blade for lasting sharpness
  • Ptfe coated blade for rust resistance
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Pruning shears

Proper gardening demands the right one Tool, Otherwise, working in the garden can be quite tedious and leave injuries. Especially when it comes to cutting shrubs and trees, it needs to be solid Lopper available. This ensures that all cuts are made precisely, quickly and above all safely.

Pruning shears – species

Pruning shears have blades that are 40 to 80 centimeters long and can, depending on the type and quality of the blades, cut branches up to eight centimeters. In general, a distinction is made between two types of loppers: the bypass scissors and the Anvil Pruner,

Bypass pruner

In a bypass scissors, the blades slide as in the household scissorspast each other. Such a Lopper is designed for a precise, clean and sharp cut, so that the plant is injured as little as possible during cutting. For this reason, the bypass scissors are most often used when cut rose bushes, sticks and green wood in general. However, the bypass scissors use a little more force than an anvil scissors. Therefore, it is not necessarily suitable for hours of use. Because in this case, the hand and wrist are charged.

Anvil Pruner

In the anvil scissors, the cutting blade strikes a smooth metal surface called anvil. The anvil scissors are overall more robust than a bypass scissors. For this reason, it provides better power transfer, which makes the application a little more pleasant. When cutting with the anvil scissors, the pointer is slightly chewed, which makes the bark more likely to burst. But with the anvil scissors, the plant is more injured and the cut is not as clean and precise as that with a bypass scissors. Therefore, anvil shears are best for cutting dead wood. Otherwise, thumb-thick branches can be easily separated with the anvil-scissors.

Other types of Lopper

A Lopper Gear Mechanics may be a reasonable choice. This offers namely an efficient power boost, but it must be wide open.
Some pruning shears have a telescopic pole, which can be extended up to a length of two meters. To use the cutting edge is placed on a branch and then operated with a rope.

Tips before buying

Generally, the selected should Lopper if possible, adjustable blades are selected. For the health of the plants a high quality lopper with well adjusted blades is crucial. Otherwise, every gardener should take these before buying a pruning shears and, if possible, try out some cuts. Ergonomic and, above all, non-slip handles make it easier to operate the pruner. Before purchasing, however, the user’s hand size must also be taken into account. Thanks to the huge selection of different models with the most diverse designs, it should not be a problem to find the right pruning shears. Among the various models, there are both those for right and left-handed models.
Another important criterion in the selection of pruning shears is the effort. The longer it is worked, the lower the effort should be to load the hands and wrist as little as possible. In connection with this, the optimal pruning shears must be well processed and have sufficient stability.
It is very helpful to choose a model for which spare parts can be purchased. If the pruner is also provided with the logo or name of the manufacturer, as well as with a model number, it is much easier to find the spare part if necessary.
Some models have damping, in the form of rubbers on the handles near the blades. This cushioning ensures a fatigue-free work. If the blades of the pruning shears are coated, the cut is additionally facilitated.
If you want to have your garden cared for all round, you should buy two different pruning shears and use them depending on the project. After all, pruning shears are not that expensive. So high-quality pruning shears are already available from 40 euros. For gardeners, this is a sensible investment, especially since gardening is greatly facilitated by the pruning shears. However, always a few work gloves should be purchased, because only the use of this, the risk of jamming is reduced. In addition, these protect against thorns and pollutants, which may be contained in some Kuststoffgriffe.

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