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The irrigation supplies plants indoors and outdoors

Products and systems for the irrigation depending on the model used for the garden, the flowerbed or the window flowers. The goal is to supply the plants with water. Watering cans serve the manual irrigation while complex systems are programmed and reliably perform their work even during the absence of the garden owner. When using the products, you must pay attention to the appropriate time of irrigation and the ideal amount of water.

Irrigation of indoor plants

The „Wenko irrigation spikes“ are placed on commercial PET bottles and placed in the Planterplugged. They regulate the water supply of the plants and facilitate the pouring. Houseplants offer different types of irrigation systems, such as BLUMAT. About the porous clay cone, the moisture to the earthissued. A small container filled with water stands next to the clay cone so that it receives supplies. Within 24 hours, up to 100 milliliters of water are released. If the plants need a larger amount of water, you can put several clay cones in the flower pot. The classic at the irrigation is the watering Can, which is smaller for indoor use than for outdoor use. Plastic variants are particularly lightweight and therefore easy to handle. The „Emsa 513309 watering can“ has a volume of 1.8 liters, which is a suitable size for indoor use. One of the advantages is the large opening, as the filling of the watering can is easy.

Irrigation in the outdoor area

For the garden, the „Lippert 702 010 01 plastic watering can“ thanks to its volume of 10 liters is a good choice. If the plants need a larger amount of water, then the irrigation often done by means of a garden hose. The hoses are attached to the water tapconnected. Modern click systems allow the connection of several individual garden hoses. The garden sprayer is attached to the front end of the garden hose. Various adjustment options allow flexible use. They choose between hard and soft rays and can thus even water sensitive plants. So the garden hoseoutside the operation does not interfere, you can turn it on one hose reelroll up. Modern designs are fixed to the wall and take up little space. The „Gardena 8127-20 square sprinkler ZoomMaxx“ takes over the task of irrigation. It is a lawn sprinkler, which provides an area of ​​up to 216 m² with moisture. Various adjustment options allow the reduction of the area to a minimum of 9 m². Therefore, this model is suitable for both large lawns and small vegetable beds.

How do I find the right irrigation systems?

To find the right products, you have to decide what comfort you want. If the systems are to work while you are away, you must select programmable versions. In the case of lawn sprinklers, the area is an important decision criterion. By cleverly setting up several units, you cover even large areas. However, be careful not to create any intersection between the areas to avoid over-supply of water. If you prefer to irrigate the garden with a garden hose, you should opt for models with a high wall thickness or double wall technology. During use, the garden hose is pulled over the floor and stones or other sharp-edged objects can damage it. Even small holes reduce the water pressure and lead to water loss. The defective areas quickly increase and the water costs rise. High-quality garden hoses are robust and can be used over several years.

Irrigate the greenhouse properly and inexpensively

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