10 Best Hover mower of 2019

  • Misc.
  • Caster wheel design with locks provides extra...
  • Steel cutting deck with premium mulching capabilities
  • One-Touch fully collapsible handle and compact stand up...
  • Flymo
  • Misc.
  • Misc.
  • Replaces: Allen: SE 1601, SE00603 Grasscraft: GC 1601...
  • Fits Allen: 418H, 421H Grasscraft: Allen Clean Cut Hover...
  • Use with 385-479 trimmer head
  • Flymo
  • Misc.
  • Cuts up to 6,000 square feet with a single charge
  • Easily manageable mower - only 33 pounds!
  • 3-in-1 functionality: mulches, rear-discharges and bags
  • 4-Pack Compatible HOVER MOWER Lawn Mower & Garden Tractor HM...
  • Compatible with Champion RL82C & NGK BR7HS Spark Plugs
  • High durability spark plug that keeps your small engine...

Air Cushion Guides

Air cushion mowers or hover mowers are mowing machinelaying on an air cushion over the raceslide. What may sound futuristic is based on a simple yet effective principle. An impeller forces air into a bell housing so that the lawnmower lifts off and slides away. For this to work, the Hover mower exclusively on lightweight parts and materials. He also needs a sufficiently strong drive motor.

Two-stroke vs. Viertakter

The motorization of the air cushion mower: There are electric air cushion mower and gasoline air mover. Electric air cushion mowers are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized lawns, but also for embankments or winding, hard to reach lawns. By levitating on the air cushion, the lawnmower is movable without force in all directions. Petrol gas mufflers are mainly used for larger lawns and in the professional field. While Hover mower Until recently, they were designed for the professional segment and are now being used in private households. The mowers with their powerful 2-stroke engines are ideal for embankments and other, difficult to access lawns. The two-stroke tackle slopes with angles of up to 60 degrees. The market also convinces with high-quality, particularly light 4-stroke engines, which are agile and significantly lighter. As far as the cutting height adjustment is concerned, this is only possible under the device. Because a lot of the Hover mower Not equipped with a grass catcher, it is advisable to use the mower regularly at low cutting height and to leave the small amount of grass on the lawn. What Hover mower Concerning baskets, there are only a few, convincing models on the market, because: The weight, the basket and content of the catcher bring with it, contrary to the principle of Luftkissenmähers.

Light, little and noiseless

Air cushion mowers convince with numerous, not to be underestimated advantages. So they are lightweights that know how to bribe through agility and quietness. The weight of a hover mower is between 5 and 8 kilograms. In this way, he can always and everywhere stow away quickly and easily. During operation lets in Hover mower move effortlessly and almost without weight in all directions of the lawn. But even when switched off, air cushion mowers weigh comparatively little because the housings and motors are designed to be particularly light in order to facilitate the hovering process. Thanks to the hover technology, air cushion mowers are also suitable, but not only for particularly steep or difficult to access areas or slopes. In this way, the meadow can be mowed without strenuous and sweaty back and forth slide. However, investing in a hovercraft only pays off if you cut it regularly. It should also be mentioned that the mower is more suitable for small to medium sized lawns. High grass is (technically caused) not or only bad to work. Also noteworthy is the relatively severely limited adjustment of the cutting height. As a rule, an air cushion mower can only be adjusted to very low to medium cutting heights – and not via a central cutting height adjustment as in conventional lawn mowers, but only by conversion measures on the cutting unit. Cuttings for clippings are usually not found on a hover mower, because the weight when filling the holding of the cutting height affected or prevented. When mowing the lawn with an air cushion mower, the subsequent grassy tag belongs to the grass clippings – unless you want to fertilize the lawn with clippings anyway.

Models and manufacturers

The purchase of an air cushion mower is worthwhile especially when value is placed on a particularly lightweight and compact device. The models of manufacturers such as Flymo, Gardena or Royal Gardineer convince all with a fair and reasonable price-performance ratio. The most extensive and diverse selection of airbag mowers is offered by renowned and respected manufacturer Flymo. Whether it’s the UltraGlide, Microlite or Turbo Lite, Flymo has something for every requirement and every taste – whether you’re looking for an electric air cushion mower or a gasoline air cushion mower. A question that should also be based on the decision to buy a hover mower. Should the lawn be mowed with an electrical drive via a nearby electrical outlet? Or is there no outlet in the area of ​​the lawn? Electric hover mowers are already quite cheap to have, while gasoline air mover are more expensive.

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