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Germany flag guide

The Germany flag is considered the emblem of the Federal Republic of Germany and is arranged in three equal horizontal stripes. Each strip has a different color. The color arrangement from top to bottom is: black, red, gold (which is almost always shown in melon yellow). The state symbol is the identifier of the German state and is hoisted especially on festive occasions. For private individuals is the Germany flag available in the stores.

Germany flag at the state level

The Germany flag has been unified since the reunification of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. The difference between the flags was not their color but the symbols. Thus, the flag of the former GDR one hammerand Schlegel surrounded by a wreath and the FRG the well-known federal eagle, which is still used today as a symbol at state events. The coloring is attributed to the Middle Ages around 1400 and therefore a logical choice, after the decision to depose the Reichsflagge under the leadership of the former German Reich and its representative of the Chancellor.

Is hoisted the Germany flag at state receptions or public holidays such as the 3rd of October of a year – the day of German unity, which is considered a national holiday, in the state mourning and other occasions. The Germany flag blowing on the flagpole in front of every federal state building, as well as in front of the Reichstag in Berlin.

Also outside the German territory the Germany flag is to be found. So this is attached to houses of diplomats, consulates and embassies around the world. As a sign and recognition value of the foreign representation for Germans as well as foreign representatives of other nations.

Germany flag subject to a ban

The use of the Germany flags from the Third Reich with the symbolism of the swastika, is legally prohibited. Neither the sale, purchase nor the use of this flag is allowed under private and commercial law. Who hoist the flag of the former „Third Reich“, must expect sensitive penalties.

In any case, German citizens maintain a split relationship to the German flag due to national history. Many in the black, red, and golden flag are still a symbol of rejection. The national pride of hoisting the Germany flag, as is common in states of Sweden or the USA, has not prevailed nationwide in Germany.

Fans and the use of the Germany flag

In sports, the carrying or contracting of the Germany flag prevailed. So this is, for example, symbol of football World Cup or European Championships. Fans tie the flag to flagpoles and blow around the stadium during the game or put it around the body. They signal their allegiance to the state of Germany and see themselves as representatives of the state in international appearances of their team.

The flags of Germany are available in different sizes, with the standard size is 150 cm by 90 cm. For sporting events, it increasingly happens that citizens of Germany hoist the flag of Germany in the garden on the flagpole, but remove them immediately after the tournament.

As a small flag these are also gladly clamped to the car roof or attached to the campsite. Especially in southern European areas, where many Germans emigrate or enjoy a longer stay, the Germany flag can often be found on land. Mostly this is made of polyester. The disadvantage of the material is the quick flammability.

The Germany flag is also used as printing on shirts and pants. So this can be found on every national jersey of the DFB and other sports jerseys. For fans, there are numerous other accessories with the Germany flag on it.

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