10 Best garden hearth of 2018

  • GRAPEVINE DESIGN - Ornamental "fruit on the vine" motif is a...
  • BEAUTIFULLY STYLED - Back and seat feature a grapevine...
  • COMPACT & VERSATILE - Settee size offers seating for two;...
  • Pretty and Practical
  • Allows for flexibility around curves and corners
  • Durable pewter-colored powder-coat finish
  • Ellen Dugan
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
  • Edition no. 1 (03/08/2005)
  • MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS - Each solar-powered path light has 6...
  • SOLAR POWERED - Extra-large solar panels allow for up to 10...
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Powder-coated, die-cast aluminum...
  • Ellen Dugan
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
  • Edition no. 1 (03/08/2005)
  • Steel frame, cast iron back design; Black powder-coat finish...
  • Slatted seat, curved arms; Symbolic tree of life design
  • Full-sized garden bench
  • Multipurpose broom for fast, easy cleanup
  • Versatile and durable
  • Stays firm and strong even when wet
  • Indoor herb garden kit
  • Easy-to-use kit includes everything you need
  • Grow basil, chives, oregano, parsley and thyme right in your...
  • Heavy weight 380gm pvc coated polyester
  • Resist cracking, fading, tearing and mold build-up
  • Pvc coating increases water resistance and further...
  • GRAPEVINE DESIGN - Ornamental "fruit on the vine" motif is a...
  • BEAUTIFULLY STYLED - Back and seat feature a grapevine...
  • COMPACT & VERSATILE - Settee size offers seating for two;...

Garden stove guide

Throughout the year you would most like to spend your free time in the garden. After all, you have invested a lot of time, effort and money in the dreamlike design of your green space. But especially in the late spring and autumn evenings and winter, the hours in the garden could quickly get pretty cold. Most owners prefer to retire to the warm house instead of sitting in the garden with numerous blankets and a thick jacket. But that does not have to be, because through one garden hearth You can conjure up a pleasant warmth in the garden and spend all year outdoors.

What is a garden stove?

On garden hearth is with a conventional one Wood stoveto compare. There are endless variations, but you only have to place them in a suitable place in your garden. This can be right next to the terrace, but also on the green space of the garden hearth quickly a suitable footprint. Now heat the stove like one fireplacewith firewood. A cuddly warmth will immediately spread, while you hear the gentle crackling and hissing of the wood. There’s a cuddly mood right away, so do not worry about the smoke. By means of a small chimney the smoke is led directly into the sky. This allows you to just relax and enjoy the hours in front of the fire.

The various offers of garden stoves

The popularity of garden ovens continues to increase, which is why a lot has changed in the area of ​​design. A few years ago, only very classic models found their way into the garden. It was worked with a square shape and black metal. This looks very chic, but sometimes a bit boring. That’s why designers and manufacturers have ventured into new forms and materials. Today you can get one garden hearth also acquire in a round or oval shape. There are also multifunctional devices. These are not just designed to heat the outside surface but you can also prepare food in it. Especially a classic pizza ovenis already in many gardens, so you can enjoy warmth and delicious stone oven pizza. In addition, it depends on whether you have an open or closed Fireplaceto wish. Depending on the model, this is equipped with a door or an open field of view.

What should be considered when buying?

There are a few small items to consider when buying a garden stove. First and foremost, the size of the oven plays an important role. Here you should not only note the size you want, but what space is available. Calculate the distance to nearby buildings, fences or plants. Also the material is very important. Most garden stoves are made of metal, but offers made of ceramics or other refractory materials are no longer a rarity. The material depends heavily on what you hope for visually from your model. Likewise, the material is reflected in the price again. After all, one has to garden hearth not necessarily be cheap. Especially the designer models with extravagant materials and shapes are quite expensive, but look all the more beautiful. Not to forget the care, because you have to clean the stove regularly. Often, you will need extra tools to do so, so you can remove soot and the like without it being too much work.

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