10 Best folding steps of 2019

  • No injury to dog or yourself
  • Easily folded, carried, stored
  • Low angle of ascent/descent and wide decks eliminates fear
  • Essential for any room - height assist for cabinets,...
  • Lightweight - easy to carry for multiple jobs
  • Non-marring - leg tips keep floors clean
  • Plastic Folding Pet Steps
  • Lightwave and compact
  • Perfect for traveling
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE: The PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet...
  • PERFECT FOR SMALLER PETS: The tread and spacing size make...
  • DIMENSIONS: Stair dimensions are 24 in. L x 16 in. W x 19.5...
  • GS CERTIFICATE. For product quality and safety, our step...
  • SIZE OF STEP LADDER. Open: 17.5"H X 18.5"L X 19"W, Folded:...
  • FOLDING DESIGN AND LIGHT WEIGHT. The step stool easy to open...
  • EASY STEPPING: Ideal for stepping into your car, bathtub, or...
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: The easy folding design encourages easy...
  • STABLE STEPPING: The non-slip grips and large platform...
  • Plastic Folding Pet Steps
  • Lightwave and compact
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Folding 3-step steel frame stool with 27.25-inch standing...
  • Features large and sturdy plastic steps and a soft, comfort...
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Adds a convenient grab handle or step on your vehicle.
  • Step opens a full 90° and folds back flat to safely store...
  • Durable construction of investment cast steel
  • No injury to dog or yourself
  • Easily folded, carried, stored
  • Low angle of ascent/descent and wide decks eliminates fear

Folding step guide

As a folding steps is working
The functioning and also the operation of a folding step is quite easy. If the folding steps folded in the corner, you can bring it out. If you turn off this little helper, the full kick gets a stable and stable function, in which you put the steps horizontally and then you enter. Some of the folding steps have an additional function, which is no longer adjusted and with which one can be secured. This not only affects the open, but also the closed state. In many ways is one folding steps especially handy because it does not weigh much and can be easily carried. Therefore, you can quickly stow it in a trunk. In addition, it is particularly space-saving, because it even in a gap between closetand can put away the wall without being noticed.

Materials of a folding door
As described below, there are folding steps in different materials to buy.

Made of wood folding steps are very stable, even if they weigh a bit more. This Trittart can also be folded and placed in a niche. However, it is a wooden one folding steps a question of taste.

Aluminum folding steps find most use. They ensure a particularly high stability and thus provide a secure hold. An existing aluminum folding steps weighs less than his wooden colleague. This is especially beneficial for the elderly.

What to look for when buying a folding door

No matter whether you buy a folding step in the construction or supermarket, it is important that you pay attention to excellent quality and very safe handling. In a hardware store, you can try out a folding step in which you climb it and open and close. But in a supermarket he is often welded with foil. Therefore, it is not possible to open it for testing purposes. Furthermore, one should also pay attention to important test seals, which prove that the folding step has been sufficiently tested and found to be safe. However, if you feel that a kick is not safe, then you should definitely try another one. There are, for example, folding steps available that give a much better grip. This can be especially beneficial for older people.


First, the question arises, for what purpose one needs a folding step at all. If he is needed at home in the living rooms, a conventional ordinary kick is sufficient. Normally, it contains a strap on which you can carry it around. Setting up is done easily and quickly with the folding function. Many of the folding steps have two or three steps. At the top, they continue to contain a large tread. This provides a secure grip and protects against tipping over. Normally, ordinary and conventional folding steps consist of particularly light and stable aluminum. Some also choose variants made of wood, which is an individual question of taste.

By contrast, further folding steps are by no means suitable for living spaces, but are ideal for work, such as on a construction site. Because there they are exposed to greater loads. Normally, these practical helpers are wider and therefore built more stable. In addition, these steps incorporate corrugations in the aluminum, which provide a much better grip, even if the sole of the climbing shoes is covered with damp dirt. On the other hand, they protect you so that you do not slip off or crash. The same safety and a perfect grip do not only offer fluted folding steps, but also non-slip holes. These extra wide steps are perfect for, for example, when painting or when attaching or removing lampssafe and stable.

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