10 Best Folding arm of 2018

  • 22-inch w by 23-inch d by 37-inch h
  • Natural oil finish
  • Crafted from sustainably harvested hardwood
  • Tablet Arm Chair
  • 22mm x 1.2mm Round Steel Pipe Frame
  • Double Support Cross Rails for Additional Strength
  • ipenge
  • Kitchen
  • Comfortable tilted back design, offers great support for the...
  • Seat Height 16.5 inches, Width 21.7 inches. Heavy-duty steel...
  • Arm rest cup holder to keep your drink at hand.
  • ipenge
  • Kitchen
  • The fourth image is the installation instruction(any problem...
  • Package includes mounting hardwares
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Made in the USA!
  • Rust Free and Lite Weight Aluminum Frame
  • Durable UV Resistant Webbing
  • SPACE-SAVER: Swivel bar, can be folded up while not in use,...
  • DURABLE FINISH: Brushed stainless steel finish, build to...
  • RUSTPROOF: Manufactured from T-304 premium-grade stainless...
  • No more drips or spills
  • Easily slides under any large laundry detergent and fabric...
  • Folds completely flat for storage & easy cleaning
  • 22-inch w by 23-inch d by 37-inch h
  • Natural oil finish
  • Crafted from sustainably harvested hardwood

Articulated arm awning guide

The awning: The big sister of the parasol

To sit in the sun simply and unprepared was always not completely free of risks. Today, however, climate change and the obviously more dangerous radiation of the sun make it an unhealthy game with fire.
Preparations have been made for many years and centuries against the effects of solar radiation, which today mostly consist of chemical preparations or parasols – and the big sister of the parasol, the awning.

The awning is in contrast to parasolusually meant to keep a larger group of people from the sun.
There are several forms of awning.

The roll awning

The roll awning is the simplest form of awning. It roughly corresponds to a parasol, which is folded in the evening, while the roll-awning must be rolled up. With the rectangular shape, which is awnings own, the roll-awning, however, is more suitable for larger groups of people than a parasol. Roll awnings are rarely used as Gelenkarmmarkisen.

The folding awning

The folding awning is much larger than a parasol or awning and is like as Folding arm used. The folding of such an awning is very easy even after a heavy downpour when the articulated arms are moved accordingly: The water that has accumulated on the awning, can be unloaded unhindered and without great effort.
Folding awnings are certainly the most common awnings in private use, as they are inexpensive and easy to use. The folding awning as a hinge awning represents the optimal condition in a home with a large terrace or in a small garden restaurant.

The fixed awning

This is basically only used by commercial operators of larger areas. Here is the use of a Folding arm Of particular importance: An awning of this size can not be folded after a heavy rain or after snowfall of pure human hands. It is also not possible to hope for „better weather“, so that the loads disappear from the awning.
The articulated arm system of a Folding arm allows to move a large load according to the principle of pulley with relatively little effort so that the water flows.
Nobody should stand under it …

To the history of Folding arm

The use of awnings to protect people from the sun and their often dangerous power has been known since antiquity: in Rome, huge rotatable in the Coliseum awninginstalled so that the spectators of the deadly games were not exposed to the sun’s rays. For this purpose, perfume was released to soften the body odors of the plebiscite.
In construction, these Sonnenabweiser already surprisingly similar to today’s articulated awning to a huge extent: An impressive performance of the old front, even if to questionable purposes.
The awning in general and especially the Gelankarm- awning experienced its renaissance in 18th-century French absolutist France: The peerage lifted from the labors of normal life invented the „noble paleness“ as a professional stare. The ladies, in particular, were eager to show that they were of noble lineage, so that a pale skin signaled a certain nobleness to those who had to work outdoors to meet the needs of the more parasitic nobility.
So the word „awning“ comes from the name for a French nobleman, a maquise. At that time, the ladies liked to sit under articulated arm awnings and live the lives of the nobles, waiting for their arranged marriage and having fun with those who had to finance their lifestyle.

Today is much better

The Folding arm Today it serves to accompany smaller and somewhat larger festivals and, if necessary, to protect their visitors as well. From most club celebrations, initiations of a nature park, where there is still no infrastructure or local celebrations in smaller towns, they are almost indispensable.
Thus, the articulated-arm awning has democratized into the rank of a useful instrument for everyone, which should be a happy token for humanity. The memory of the time of absolutism, which vibrates in the name, should be tolerable.

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