10 Best double swing of 2018

  • Durable and Fun
  • Kids swing across from each other
  • FAST & FREE shipping
  • SAFE MATERIAL - Constructed in environmentally friendly...
  • DUAL RIDE GLIDER- Two seats are available for kids to play...
  • SECURE GRIP - The wide hand grips and foot holders are...
  • Classic backyard double swing
  • Vintage-style wooden seat with three thick nylon ropes
  • Includes an 80" length of rope; Height is adjustable
  • Fun for one or two
  • Push and pull operation improves coordination
  • Designed for children to face out.
  • LOAD CAPACITY: Tested by TÜV Rheinland, holds up to...
  • SMART GIFT IDEA: The Camping Gear includes:1 Nylon Double...
  • COZY DOUBLE HAMMOCK: 118" x 79" large surface made of 210T...
  • SWING SET ACCESSORIES: Now in a double pack. The Heavy Duty...
  • OUTDOOR FUN: Swings are important swing set accessories for...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Like its name, this swing seat was crafted...
  • Double action hinge for swing doors, both direction opening
  • Spring power adjustable, provide desired closing speed for a...
  • Suitable Door Thickness: 2.5-4.4cm
  • Durable and Fun
  • Kids swing across from each other
  • FAST & FREE shipping
  • Classic backyard double swing
  • Vintage-style wooden seat with three thick nylon ropes
  • Includes an 80" length of rope; Height is adjustable
  • For backyard residential use only; unable to ship to a...
  • 4- 33" curved sections assemble into a 40" diameter steel...
  • Supports up to 3 children or 200 pounds

Double swing guide

They are known from playgrounds and amusement parks. Swings in all conceivable shapes, colors and variants. The double swing is one of the most popular models. It offers enough space for 2 people who can swing parallel to each other. They are not only made of wood, as most are, but also of metal. These racks are a lot more robust and weatherproof. The swings made of wood should be serviced every few years, as the weather gets moisture into the wood and the stamps of the double swings can become rotten. The screws are the total weight correspondingly large and must be with common Toolbe attached. For some swings, the tool is already included in the delivery.

Processing of double swings

Pressure impregnated softwood reduces the risk of injury. Depending on weather conditions, round cracks can cause some cracks, but they will close again. Better is there a frame made of steel or aluminum. These are easier to assemble and offer far more stability. Thanks to the ground anchors, a metal frame is optimally fastened. With the swing hooks, the seats of the swing are attached. They are hung on a wire or cotton rope. Some swings will come with an extra anchorfixed in the ground and others have a ground socket that stands out a bit. There, the logs are then screwed down with massive screws. Thanks to the simple assembly instructions, the swing is quickly in place and then you can start rocking.

Double swings on playgrounds

So that the children have enough space, there is the double swing , Due to the wide construction, there is almost no risk of injury when swinging and you can also take a friend along. The seats are fixed with sturdy chains made of solid steel and thus guarantee absolute safety when swinging. The minimum age of 3 years applies only to the normal double swings. There are seats suitable for children under 3 years. They are equipped with a small basket of wire mesh, in which you can put the child. So it can not fall down and hurt yourself. Many swings are anchored in the ground with solid steel anchors. These give the rack enough hold so that 2 children can swing on it at the same time.

Special features of the double swing

Since not a seat but two are installed as usual, it is also twice the fun. Rocking is much more fun for two. One can exchange views, laugh and deliver a little swing duel. The seats are available in plastic, plastic, cork or wood. Every material has different properties. They still offer the same comfort and safety. Due to the stable anchorage can a double swing be easily installed in the garden. No holes need to be dug for any concrete supports. The metal anchors are attached to the wooden frame of the double swing and thus beaten into the ground. Because they are long enough, they are particularly effective in the harder soil layers. Not only the frame but also all brackets and seats should be stable. A good selection of components and compositions is important to maintain the risk of injury and comfort.

Double swings with slide

The integrated slide on many models offers additional fun for a third person over the age of 3 years. As well as in the playground, the children should always be supervised in the garden, as this is how injuries can be prevented. The slide is made of solid plastic or plastic and is made by screws or angles on the wooden frame of the double swing attached. Some models even have a small one play towerin front of the slide with a small roof and a railing for safety. The average height of 260 cm plays a big role in such frames. The tower and the slide are adapted to these dimensions. The swing feeling can also influence this. There are more vibrators possible than about a cheap and small model. The double swing with a tower is a bit more stable than a simple double swing. Through the tower, the entire concept is additionally supported and thus offer a higher load capacity.

Double swings with climbing device

The wooden struts are attached to the angles in the triangle. They are like one ladderbuilt so the kids can climb it. So she can enjoy the good view and have a better view of the playmates. Simple models are available from about 100 EUR. If you are looking for safety, you should consider investing a bit more, because you usually buy and place such a swing only once. Entire climbing towers and various other play devices are available in all price ranges and sizes. Gondolas and climbing frames as attachments are quite easy to install and attach.

Double swing with gondola

For extra swing fun, there are models with a gondola. In this two children find space, who have to work together to move the swing. The gondola and the board swingBoth are made of plastic. The seats are comfortable and give something under certain loads and circumstances to increase the comfort. The plastic of the nacelle is incorporated in a metal frame. Large screws provide the necessary support. The frame is also sufficiently attached to the upper batten. Unlike a normal seat, the gondola support is mounted above the pole. So it can be moved well and evenly from both sides. There are also swings with more than 2 seats, but they take up much more space and are also a bit more complex in construction.


A double swing is a good alternative to the classic variant. It is twice as fun and yet robustly built. Many attachment options such as the slide or the climbing tower provide sufficient choice. Anchoring is simple and fast. Without drilling and digging, the swing can be set up immediately. For the maximum amount of play and excitement in your home garden. The variants of wood are more popular but have some disadvantages of metal. Regular maintenance and control is necessary, as the weather is causing some damage to the wood over the years.

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