10 Best Design letterbox of 2018

  • Change the front whenever you feel like it, and you'll have...
  • Made in Italy
  • Complete with accessories for attachment to the box
  • Change the front whenever you feel like it, and you'll have...
  • Made in Italy
  • Complete with accessories for attachment to the box
  • American US Mail, The typical Mailbox Letterbox with design
  • Size (Width x Height x Depth): 17 cm x 22 cm x 48 CM
  • Banner red Collapsible which indicates the arrival of mail
  • Dear Little Letterbox is a fun and inspiring way to engage...
  • Comes with expertly crafted wood mailbox, notepad, colored...
  • Encourage your child to write letters to grandparents,...
  • Adhesive Decal, 24 x 16 Inches
  • VHS Tape
  • Change the front whenever you feel like it, and you'll have...
  • Made in Italy
  • Complete with accessories for attachment to the box
  • Security wall mounted mailbox for convenient drop box...
  • Patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism featuring a...
  • Features heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized steel construction...

Design letterbox guide

General information about design mailboxes

On Design letterbox is guaranteed not overlooked by the postman and gives the house a charming modern look. Clear lines or unusual shapes as well as the production of robust and weather-resistant materials characterize design letterboxes and make them a representative eye-catcher on any object. At the personal request of the owner can Design letterbox connected directly to the doorbell and embedded in a plain stainless steel surface. Especially in terms of security Design letterbox to meet high requirements. Very elegant are designs that are embedded in the house wall and let the mail through the letter slot in a container behind it. Thus, the post office is protected from the weather and does not get wet even in heavy rain or snow. For which design you decide in the end and if you want a solitary one Design letterbox , a model included newspaper rollor one mailboxas a complete set with intercom and bell selects, is left to their own claim.

Function of design mailboxes

In functionality, design mailboxes do not differ from their less conspicuous and classic relatives. By using particularly robust and weather-resistant materials, design letterboxes are safer and protect the mail from unauthorized access as well as moisture or sunlight. If there is no room in the wall or should one Design letterbox It can not simply be mounted on the outside of the façade, but it is also available as a version for installation in the entrance area of ​​homes or rental houses. Design letterboxes are mostly made of high quality stainless steel and therefore very stable. They serve the throwing in of letters and direct mail, are distinguished by their dense and theft-proof nature and convince by an optics, which ensures with clear lines or simple geometric shapes for attention and a harmonious overall picture of entrance areas in houses. Anyone who wants to underpin his mail slot elegantly and would like to enjoy the elegant look of the container while walking to the mailbox will recognize some advantages in the designer mailbox and be enthusiastic about the effect. Stable materials make designer mailboxes particularly safe from break-ins.

Advantages and disadvantages of the design letterbox

A design mailbox combines the desire for a robust and secure mailbox with the idea of ​​a modern look and clear lines. The surface is easy to clean and can not be damaged by scratches or other external influences. Since the function of a design letterbox does not deviate from the use of classic letterboxes, these versions offer the same advantages and also have a positive effect on the design of the entrance area of ​​houses or rental houses. In a design letterbox, however, there is a not to be underestimated disadvantage, which results from the much higher cost of purchase. Even simple and at first glance not recognizable as a designer model mailboxes come up with a high price and prove in comparison to similar standard letter boxes as costly option for the mail.

Helpful tips for buying

The search for a designer mailbox always leads to numerous different offers and models, various manufacturers and different designs. If you are looking for a mailbox of well-known designers and would like to design your foyer with the high-quality and graceful look of elegant, timeless designs, you should get an overview of the offers and the price differences before you buy them. Even though designer mailboxes are generally more expensive than classic alternatives, there are clear price differences and can decide on the efficiency of the purchase. Since the designer mailbox requires exquisite quality and sustainability, it is worth taking a look at the reviews of other buyers and can be used as the basis of your own decision for a shop or a model. Because not only in the price, but also in the visual appearance and the quality are different and should be known before the purchase of designer mailboxes. Comparisons on the Internet are practical and not only lead to the cheapest, but also the highest quality designer mailbox according to your own claim.

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