10 Best cutting Giraffe of 2019

  • Choi
  • Paperback
  • Korean
  • 15.5" X 11.5" - For cutting and serving food, fruits,...
  • MADE FROM - Tempered glass. Break, scratch and stain...
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  • Giraffe :5.6*8cm-2.2*3inch.
  • Handmade: For DIY Craft.
  • Type: Single Die.
  • Giraffe :5.6*8cm-2.2*3inch.
  • Handmade: For DIY Craft.
  • Type: Single Die.
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  • Choi
  • Paperback
  • Korean
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Cutting giraffe guidebook

It’s almost that time again. The time of tree pruning is approaching and one thinks again how best to get to the branches

in the treetop are. If you put one ladderturn it and try it, you ask the neighbors if he helps or lends himself a Steiger? But there is also an alternative that goes up to a certain height. They are cutting giraffes. But what is that? Tooland why giraffe?

What is a cutting giraffe?

The name actually derives from a giraffe. With their long stems, the cutting giraffes can be used up to a height of six meters, resembling the neck of a giraffe. It is this cutting Giraffe versatile and individually applicable, and should not be missing in any garden with trees.

What can the cutting giraffe do?

Cutting giraffes are, as the name implies, cutting instruments for high-altitude branches that you would otherwise without ladder and riskcan not reach. Many of these tools can be extended to heights of between two and four meters, and with an outstretched arm, just a few yards are added. This can reach heights of up to six meters. The cutting giraffes, which have a strange shape, but are much more versatile than just use as a cutting tool. With this tool a lot can be done without having to buy special tools.

Additional parts for the cutting Giraffe

One can optionally also saws and fruit pickerto use. However, it is important to note that most of the accessories must be purchased separately. Few providers have this directly in the price. But these spare parts are certainly worth their money, because even here you can get to these heights without having to use a ladder.

The plus of cutting Giraffe

A cutting Giraffe convinced with their weight. Because despite the long range, it is quite easy with two kilograms. Working overhead is just as easy as working in places that are otherwise difficult to reach. There are some cutting giraffes where you can lock the cutting head, which in turn is a relief. The construction of a cutting Giraffe is always the same. The upper blades are usually made of hardened precision steel, whereas the counter blades are made of hardened and stainless steel. Both blades work together so that a clean cut is guaranteed and the life of the Schneidegiraffe is very high. These cost a little more, because the special has its price, but the purchase is worthwhile due to the long service life. Apart from the length, the cutting giraffes have other advantages as well. Here, the weight and ease of use should be mentioned, especially for work overhead, as well as the ability to dispense with the ladder which always carries a certain risk. Many providers offer optional accessories such as sawor fruit picker. The cutting performance is up to

40 mm absolutely sufficient for cutting trees and shrubs. The lockable cutting head offers the possibility of cutting branches and branches even in places that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach.


Cutting giraffes make life easier for gardeners. Not only that you can reach heights that are otherwise only accessible with a ladder, even with the optional accessories it is ideal for sawing and fruit picking. It is particularly suitable for properties with high hedgesShrubs and trees.

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