10 Best compost accelerator of 2019

  • Guaranteed Live
  • Insect/Mite Free
  • Improves soils physical structure
  • Complete formula for composting
  • Buffered to maintain pH
  • Effective in wide temperature ranges
  • 3lb Poly Bag
  • Ideal for all types of composting stratgies: piles, bins,...
  • Makes a great compost tea - use as a soil drench or foliar...
  • 3lb Poly Bag
  • Ideal for all types of composting stratgies: piles, bins,...
  • Makes a great compost tea - use as a soil drench or foliar...
  • Contains beneficial bacteria cultures that accelerate the...
  • Converts yard waste to fertile humus in 30 Days
  • Each dissolvable packet treats 9 cubic feet of compost
  • Creates true humus
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Use for all composting applications
  • Starter and accelerator to create nutrient-rich compost in...
  • Suitable for all composting systems and worm farms
  • Over 60 different active ingredients, fast, effective and...
  • Premium quality double fermented and dried bran bokashi with...
  • This is dry bokashi which is gives you 25- 30% more usable...
  • Packaged in a heavy duty low oxygen transfer laminated stand...
  • 2 lb
  • Contains a blend of microorganisms with specially designed...
  • Composts lawn clippings, brown leaves, wood chips, pine...
  • Guaranteed Live
  • Insect/Mite Free
  • Improves soils physical structure

Compost accelerator advisor

A compost heap is a natural source of humus and fertilizerfor the garden. Organic material is transformed accordingly by a dying process. However, this process can be long lasting. Basically, it used to take between two and three years to mature mature compost. This process has now shrunk to nine to twelve months. However, this can be reduced even further by using a compost accelerator. By using the accelerator, the sooting process can be reduced to up to nine to twelve weeks. But how does it work? compost accelerator and what must be considered when buying?

Effect of the compost accelerator

In the compost heap garden and kitchen waste is to be fermented to compost soil. For this, the organic material must be broken down into its individual parts. This is done by bacteria, the nutrients of the waste develop and bind in the form of a clay-humus complex. Optimum conditions for this are given when the compost heap is piled airy and a humidity of about 80% and a temperature of at least 15 ° C prevail. In addition, there should be a nitrogen to carbon ratio of one to twenty. If it hapers at one of these factors, one can compost accelerator make sense.

The accelerator contains compost bacteria and fungal cultures. Often additives are also added. These can be minerals, nitrogen, animal material, potassium and trace elements. These are intended to improve the quality of the compost. The accelerator thus provides an optimal breeding ground for the dousing process. The bacteria multiply. It comes to a heating of the compost and finally to the binding of nutrients in the compost.


The purchase in the specialized trade compost accelerator has a powdery consistency. Sometimes it is obtained in the form of granules. It is placed in different layers during the filling of the compost. Optimal is an interference after each 20 cm of compost material. If the compost pile is already filled, the compost accelerator be interspersed. Then the mass is to be circulated.

product selection

Neudorff Radivit compost accelerator
You can get the Neudorff accelerator in different sizes. The unit starts at 700g and the maximum is 5kg. It is suitable for all types of composting and includes many relevant forms of bacteria and fungus cultures. It is also suitable for surface composting of autumn leaves. In addition, the accelerator is productive. One kg is enough for two square meters of greenery, or 30 square meters. The accelerator convinces with its yield and fast effect.

Oscorna compost accelerator
The Oscorna accelerator is available in 5 and 10 kg bags. The 10 kg bag covers 6 to 10 square meters and the 5 kg bag covers 3 to 5 square meters. It also speeds up rotting and increases the uptake and storage of water in the compost pile. The microorganisms of the accelerator receive food from the natural circulation and increase their activity. Positive is also the good price-performance ratio. Negative can be the packaging perform. In comparison to one bucket, the bag is suitable for a longer storagerather less.

Allflor quick composter compost accelerator
This composting accelerator is available in sizes 2.5 and 5 kg. With the help of natural substances, the acceleration of the dying process is stimulated. To complain about again the packaging in a plastic bag. Although the accelerator is protected against moisture, the plastic tends to tear.

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