10 Best blowpipe of 2019

  • Blow Torch Blowlamp Blowpipe 2 Liter Lamp Fuel Petrol...
  • 36" Black Avenger blowgun
  • Includes muzzle and mouth guard
  • 2 accessories quivers and foam hand grip
  • Deluxe Class Triggerhappy and Titan Master Blowpipe figures
  • Blowpipe figure becomes the head of the Triggerhappy figure
  • Titan Master figure works with other Titans Return figures...
  • Perfect for placement outdoors near a garden, patio, or in...
  • Boufadou Blowpipe 28.47 inch 4.68 inch 1.755In
  • Black cast iron fire tools
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Target printed on the back of the box
  • EN71 and ASTM certified
  • Black Finish
  • Anti-Inhale Mouth Piece
  • 12 Target Darts, 8 Stunner Darts & Tactical Peep Sight
  • Henry Bedinger Cornwall
  • Publisher: Ulan Press
  • Paperback: 348 pages
  • 36" RED Avenger blowgun
  • Includes muzzle and mouth guard
  • 2 accessories quivers and foam hand grip
  • Blow Torch Blowlamp Blowpipe 2 Liter Lamp Fuel Petrol...
  • The smoke can be kept away from eyes. Two internal necking...
  • Collapsible design for convenient carry
  • Easy to blow oxygen without too much force

Blowpipe advisor

At a blowpipe It is a weapon that is mainly used by indigenous peoples for hunting. It is used as a low-noise killing or stunning instrument and is also used in open combat. The traditional blowpipe usually consists of the tube about 3 meters in length and this tube is made of bamboo, wood or similar materials of nature. The projectiles for the blowpipe are usually clay balls or arrows, which are blown. The production of the blowpipes works in general in two ways and so either an existing pipe is used for example made of bamboo or two lists are joined, which were provided with a groove previously lengthwise. The bullet is inserted into one end of the pipe by the shooter, the mouth is placed at the end and then blown firmly into the pipe. There are different ways in which high pressure can be built up. There are the lip blowers, which close the tube with the lips before and the lips are then opened. In addition, there are the tongue blowers, which close the tube with the tongue, so that sufficient pressure is built up. With the two open eyes is targeted and the blowpipe is then perceived twice when sighting the target. Just between the two apparent tubes, the target should be located and it should sit somewhat depending on shooter and distance.

What are the blowpipes used for?

The blowpipes are used by many Davak on Borneo for hunting and fighting, in particular, the poison is used by the Upasbaum. Some indigenous people in South America use the poisonous frog to remove the skin secretions. Some use Curare from certain Lianen, so that the Blasrohrpfeile coated with it. Even monkeys are hunted in the jungle with the blowpipes. Blowguns are also made by the North American Cherokee and other tribes of the Southeastern Cultural Area. Here small animals are being hunted like rabbits. Presumably it was a technology import from the Caribbean Islands. In many western countries and in Germany hunting is with one blowpipe not allowed, because in animals the lawful killing is not possible. Veterinarians today often use the blowpipe to hit animals with stun darts from a safe distance. Often these are also medicines. From a distance you can treat dangerous animals. Drugs or narcotics from the blowpipe can be used to prevent stress in the animals. Arrows are specially made, which have two chambers compared to the traditional arrows. In the anterior chamber there is the anesthetic and in the posterior chamber can be generated overpressure with air. Meets that arrowon the animal, then the drug is injected by pressure into the animal. Incidentally, many people around the world also use the blower tubes as sports equipment. The materials for the modern blowpipes are carbon fiber tubes, aluminum tubes or steel tubes. The tubes may have a length of up to 2 meters and a maximum cross section of 15 millimeters. The length can thus vary and it can be adapted to the needs perfectly. For many countries, the official tournament blower must not be longer than 1.21 meters. The choice of tube length and caliber depend on the arrows used and the shooter.

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