10 Best Column grill of 2018

  • Bosch
  • Bosch
  • Type-1 (QCC-1) tank connect - fits all appliances with a...
  • Maximum 95000 BTU per hour - low pressure propane regulator...
  • Easy installation - No tools required, tool-less attachment...
  • With Horn Grill
  • The 150 is a multi cone round ceiling diffuser. The outer...
  • Outlet pressure" 3-5"
  • Inlet pressure: (NG) 7"
  • FLOW CAPACITY:30000 BTU/hr
  • Maintains a constant 11" WC propane pressure
  • 200,000 BTU/HR
  • For connecting free standing gas bottle to low pressure gas...
  • Type-1 (QCC-1) tank connect - fits all appliances with a...
  • Maximum 95000 BTU per hour - low pressure propane regulator...
  • Easy installation - No tools required, tool-less attachment...
  • Single Issue Magazine
  • Dimensions (inches): 12.5"x8.5"
  • Made in USA
  • Durable 100% polyester poplin fabric exterior, non-woven...

Column Grill Guide

Barbecuing is a cooking method where the food is heated by heat radiation. The word crickets, however, does not refer to the method, but has its origin in the pattern which passes from the grate to the meat. The word kernel goes back to the Latin craticulum and that meant wickerwork. By burning of charcoalor gas, the radiant heat can be generated by electric current. In which Column grill it is usually one charcoal grilland only a few manufacturers offer electric column barbecues. Column barbecues have typical features such as a pillar and a base plate. The column is mounted on the base plate. The container in which the charcoal burns is carried by the column. At the same time, the column also serves as a regulation of the temperature and as a cheering aid. In a charcoal grill, the column has a functional meaning and in the electric Column grill the column represents only one type of stand.

What will happen to that Column grill made?

Column barbecues are ideal when charcoal is about fast, direct barbecuing. The column barbecues require only a short time to heat up, which is why they are especially popular when people opt for a spontaneous barbecue. Two different ways are possible when grilling, so that the heat is transferred to the food. The grilled food is not above the embers in the indirect grilling, but it is struck by the heat radiation, which is reflected from the lid. In which Column grill with lid, this type of grilling is possible. Mostly, however, the column barbecues do not provide a lid, as this obstructs the flow of air. This grill is the food on the embers. This is highly appreciated by the connoisseurs, because it clearly shows the typical barbecue taste.

The facts about that Column grill

The column barbecues are the logical evolution of the oldest cooking method known to humankind and this is frying over the open fire. The grill is optimized to allow air to flow through the charcoal, making excellent use of its energy. In the grill, the feet are replaced by the pedestal and through the column heating is then supported simultaneously. The cooking temperature is thus made controllable and this idea of ​​the pillar did not exist until the end of the twentieth century. Among the charcoal barbecues, the column barbecues are the most popular form of construction today. Right from the start, most barbecue fans are convinced by the comparatively low price and the functionality.

How exactly does the column grill work?

The charcoal has a comparable calorific value of hard coal but there are significantly fewer pollutants. The charcoal is almost pure carbon and it is difficult to ignite it. With paper or wood, the ignition of the barbecue fire happens and it is also the chemical lighter, Because there is hardly any air in the barbecues without a pillar, ventilation is necessary from the outside. Between the coals is blown with a hair dryer or with the newspaper is wavering. It not only gets the fire going, but also ash and dust are distributed in the area. The grill with the pillar consists of one funneland from one barbecue-tray, In the funnel is the charcoal. The bottom of the container has openings and it rests on the column, which also offers openings that can be partially closed. Who wants to kindle the fire, does inflamed paper in the column. The flaps remain open. The result is a heat that is sufficient for air to rise above the coal. Fresh air travels through the column. As in one fireplacecreates a suction. The steady stream of hot air ensures that the charcoal glows quickly and evenly. High temperatures are not always desired during grilling. If the valves are closed in the column, the temperature and air flow can be lowered. From the column barbecues the energy of the charcoal is used and this much better than the grills without the chimney column. This is recognized because the coal burns completely. A lid is necessary if you want to grilled indirectly with the grill. The heat is kept in the grill and the air passage is slowed down. Often grilled in this way, the benefits of the column grill are not fully utilized. Some of the unburned coal usually stays behind. Most of the time, some of the unburned coal remains. It is a clear sign that the burning of coal through the lid is disturbed. Some of the column barbecues are called funnel Grilldiscovered. In the down-tapering container, the coal burns down. There is a double benefit here. A big heat develops in the middle and it stays a bit cooler at the edges. At the edges, the food can be cooked. In addition, the fuel is used effectively in the funnel shape. The ash also falls through the pillar into an ash pan at the foot of the grill. The cleaning is thus considerably easier. The refilling of coal is possible with the grills during the grilling, because it glows quickly and the crickets must be broken often only 10 minutes. Charcoal can be added to the funnel grill continuously without any dreading the food.

The finishes of the column grill

The grills may have a square or round pillar and grill area. As a funnel grill, the angular designs are designed. There is hardly a round pillar and for the square grill attachment. An absolute rarity is the round funnel grill. The material is a major difference from which the grill is made. Many models with the square pillar have an ash drawer in the foot and round barbecues are rare. The base is always square at the box, otherwise it can not be pulled out. In round models, a part of the ash lands next to the box. The removal of the ashes is thus considerably more difficult. There are some manufacturers that offer models where water can be filled in the foot. These versions can be cleaned well. More and more people are enthusiastic about the funnel grills. The very light ignition excites when lighting and also the low consumption of charcoal. Some round models often score with a second grate and here the grilled food can be stored for re-cooking. The sensitive foods can thus be gently heated. The angular models have such a device rather rare. These quiet zones are not found in the funnel grills. For almost all square grills, there is one windshieldwhich is very convenient. Due to the design of the round grills, only half the grilling surface can be protected against the wind. In any case, it is advantageous for the column barbecues that they can be heated well, that the temperature can be regulated during grilling and that the ashes are usually easy to remove. As a disadvantage, it can only be said that indirect grilling is not possible.

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