10 Best articulated ladder of 2019

  • Werner Co.
  • Extra thick All-rustproof aluminum alloy construction
  • 7 different functions
  • 330 lbs. capacity
  • Extra thick All-rustproof aluminum alloy construction
  • 7 different functions
  • 330 lbs. capacity
  • Scaffold height 3',Stepladder height 6', straight ladder...
  • 3-position "Multi-Lok" allows for 18 positions or...
  • Slip-resistant multi- directional round rungs
  • Aluminum is durable and lightweight
  • 300 Lbs, load capacity, includes weight of user and tools
  • Easy hinge durable zinc plated steel hinge that features a...
  • Werner Co.
  • Ladder-Stand-off/ Stabilizer for Corners and More. Made in...
  • Customize your ladder stand-off to meet all your needs....
  • The Multi-Pro is shipped with the base unit & corner...
  • ✔ Adjustable: 4 springs balanced long swing arm,also 3...
  • ✔ Strong construction: 0.6mm thick metal,overall molding...
  • ✔ Space saving: desk lamp with clamp mounted,clip on about...
  • Complies with EN 14183 maximum load up to 150 kg made of...
  • Span of 47-inches and standoff of 10-inches
  • For use on aluminum ladders of all duty ratings
  • Attaches in minutes

Articulated guide

Articulated ladders are often made of aluminum, equipped with steel floor plates and hinges, while the feet are made of plastic and guarantee safety against slipping. They are often offered in the color silver and must be assembled before use. They are flexible and convince with a robust and corrosion-resistant construction. The load-bearing capacity of the articulated ladders varies depending on the manufacturer and can sometimes differ significantly, many ladders can be loaded up to 150 kilograms. Non-slip foot caps and easily assembled steel sheets, which are firmly fixed before first use, including anti-slip corrugation, also belong to the equipment of articulated ladders. All steel hinges have a hinged safety lock for locking. Many ladders are mountable on both sides and can be stored to save space due to their small dimensions. Safety offer TÜV and GS tested models.

More details about articulated ladders

The safety joints of the ladders can be easily locked and unlocked. A non-slip ribbed platform and sturdy crossbeams with sturdy feet ensure extra safety at work. Some articulated ladders are available, including a working platform, which, when folded, also fits into the trunk of the car. These articulated ladders allow more mobility, because they are standing, Bock and ladderas well as work platform in one and everywhere. High-quality ladders have wide and rounded spars, a very strong combination of spars and spars and can be easily assembled and disassembled and folded so that you can concentrate completely on your work.

Articulated ladders as multifunctional aid

Various models offer the possibility for a variety of uses, namely as a stair, floor or ladder and as a working bridge. The ladders can be equipped with a double hollow core profile made of WCS aluminum and are therefore extremely strong, but at the same time very light. Depending on the make and model, different numbers of anti-slip steps are part of the equipment. Many ladders have additional functions and are multi-adjustable or equipped with automatically locking joints. Almost all articulated ladders can be trusted to save space and can be transported in a car or are tested in accordance with EN-131. Ladders should always be used only when all elements are firmly installed. Before using, all assembly locks should be locked. At work, it is recommended to wear tight-fitting clothing and the ladderDo not climb with wet shoes, feet and hands. Some models already come with a tool kit.

ALU Multi-purpose ladderfrom Iago

The ALU multi-purpose ladder from Jago is versatile, very compact in size and can be easily transported due to its low weight. Their working height is variable so that the right ladder is available for every occasion, which can be used in a variety of applications. The ladder is multi-adjustable and has safety snap fasteners. Two cross members including non-slip rubber feet provide the necessary security. The ladder can be unfolded up to a maximum of 4.60 meters and has four angled ladder elements including six joints. It is loadable up to a weight of 150 kilograms and equipped with non-slip rungs. On request, it can be folded to a small size and is so easy to transport or to save space. This ladder is at the same time a floor, landing or stair ladder as well as working bridge and spacers. The safety joints of the ladder, which comply with the European DIN EN-131 standard, are quick and easy

Head of multi-purpose ladder folding ladderwith platform from Finether

This ladder also complies with the DIN EN 131 standard and is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy. It is therefore durable, robust and can be loaded with up to 150 kilograms. Additional security is provided by the stabilizers including rubber cushions. The ladder is collapsible and can be transported and stored as needed to save space. Their multi-position safety latch hinges are configurable in several ways, for example as stepladder, Platform ladder or overhanging ladder. The scope of supply includes two plates, which ensure safety and stability during scaffolding work. The ladder is ideal for all loft, warehouse, apartment work, fire escape, window cleaning, vehicle cleaning, truck loading, unloading, maintenance and much more.

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