10 Best wood stove of 2019

  • 78% efficiency
  • 5/16in. steel plate on top
  • 3.93 cu. ft. firebox lined with firebricks
  • EPA Certified (NSPS Phase 1 Approved)
  • Up to 50,000 BTU's/hr heats up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • Large ceramic glass window to the fire for an amazing view
  • Replacement bricks for firebrick liners
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2 inches x 9 inches x 1-1/4 inches
  • 6 bricks per package
  • 78% efficiency
  • 5/16in. steel plate on top
  • 3.93 cu. ft. firebox lined with firebricks
  • Replacement bricks for firebrick liners
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2 inches x 9 inches x 1-1/4 inches
  • 6 bricks per package
  • ♨Sturdy & Stable: This camping stove made of durable...
  • ♨Unique Design, Efficient Burning: The wood stove has the...
  • ♨Unlimited Fuel: Use the twigs, leaves, branches, wood as...
  • An affordable alternative for economical heat in cabins,...
  • Contains everything required to convert a 36 or 55 gallon...
  • Heavy duty cast-iron kit (barrel not included)
  • The Defender wood stove efficiently heats up to 1,200 square...
  • Cast iron feed door with large 14.5" x 8" ceramic glass...
  • Burns several hours on one fueling. Heats up to 68,000 BTUs
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL: Crafted with high quality stainless...
  • STABLE AND SAFE: Geared with a 3-arm base support system,...
  • FUELLED BY NATURE: Mother Nature presents the best fuel...
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN. TOMSHOO camping stove adopts an...

Wood stove guidebook

Cozy warmth with a suitable wood stove

Favorably heat and enjoy a pleasant and beautiful oven heat, this offers everything wood stove , In comparison to all other types of firing, wood is the cheapest alternative. In addition, the heat that is a wood stove gives up, very pleasant. Since the outside temperatures can be so icy cold, with a stove this is quickly forgotten. The many reasons speak in favor of an oven, which is why the wood-burning stoves are now very modern again and are being bought. There are many models available, so the overview can be very confusing. Enclosed are some hints on what to look for when Holzofenkauf, so that the investment is worthwhile sustainable.

Construction of a wood stove

The stove usually has a steel body with a firebox. In the front view area of ​​the stove is a glass doorwhich is fireproof. A flue gas pipe, which leads to the chimney, the exhaust gases are directed to the outside. Many stoves have an exterior structure made of natural stone or tiles. This oven jacket is used for heat storage and is therefore very popular. When buying should be paid to a sufficient ventilation ability of the oven. This overall facilitates the operation of the furnace. Furthermore, an ash drawer is very convenient so that the oven can be cleaned more easily and easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood stoves

Wood stoves do not provide constant heating power unless they are permanently filled with wood. For this purpose, encased ovens store the heat very well, so that they give off a certain amount of residual heat for up to 24 hours. Wood stoves are already very cheap available due to the numerous models and offers. Steel ovens without sheaths only provide heat as long as the wood fire burns. Before chimney installation a chimney sweep is required. Not only is the condition of the chimney checked. Rather, the space in which the oven is to be installed, must have a suitable size, so that the room air can not be withdrawn too much oxygen. On wood stove must also be regularly checked and maintained. Even the chimney sweep regularly checks the operability of the stove.

You should pay attention to before buying

Before the oven is bought, it should be tested. The purchase criteria include on the one hand a light and easy installation. Furthermore, the model in question should also be user-friendly. All operating features of the wood stove should be easy to reach and easy to operate. Very practical equipment features of a stove are, for example, a residue-free combustion of the wood, a windscreen washer, or a supply air control that works automatically.

Before buying, the heat output of the stove should be strictly observed. Otherwise, it can lead to unpleasant results when using the wood stove. The kiln power is usually specified by the manufacturer. This results in an average room size for which the respective wood stove is designed. If the heating capacity of the stove is too low for the room in question, it will not be sufficiently warm in the room and vice versa. In addition, the processing quality of the oven should convince. Stoves that are already rattling or leaking as a model should be removed from the purchase list.


With a wood stove, a cozy feel-good atmosphere can be conjured up in your own four walls. At the same time, energy costs are significantly reduced. Heating with wood is comparatively much cheaper and also corresponds to a sustainable use of resources. Here, entry-level models are already very reasonably priced. Stoves that have a special natural casing store the heat, even if the fire has long gone out. If all the installation conditions for a wood-burning stove are met and the district chimney sweep approves the project, then the wood-burning stove offers many advantages that other types of firing can not provide. With the right equipment features, the stove is easily maintained and does not require any extra work. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the efficiency of the stove.

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