10 Best USB fan of 2020

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USB fan guide

When temperatures rise above the 30-degree mark in the summer, working in unclimatized offices quickly becomes a sweaty affair. As if the relentlessly shining sun on the windows were not enough, PCs and laptops are still heating up the air. In such situations one longs for a fresh breeze. But unfortunately it is windless outside and by opening the windows only more heat gets into the room. Setting up a large pedestal fan is often out of the question because it is too loud and would disturb the colleagues at work. However, there is still a solution for the long-awaited cooling off at work: the USB fan. He is small, quiet and blows the air exactly where you want it. The devices have long been more than toys and have become an alternative to conventional fans.

Can be used everywhere

The main application area of ​​USB fans is the office. At the PC workstation they provide a fresh wind and drive off the heated air. The operation of the handy fans is possible almost everywhere where a conventional USB socket is free. So you not only worry about the desktop PC, but also on the desktop laptop, the game console and even on the go for fresh air. In the car, the train or at festivals is enough to operate a USB fan power from one Power Bank, With a mini USB adapter is even the operation on Smartphoneor tabletpossible. And even at the household socket, the mini-fan with a power adapterhow to make the Wicked Chili Pro Series windy.

The power consumption of USB fans is usually low and limited by the USB port itself. Most devices, such as the CSL USB fan in Silent Design have a power consumption between 2.5 and 4 watts. Assuming an operating life of 8 hours per day and 120 days per year, this results in a total cost of one euro. Despite these low costs, workers are advised to ask their boss before setting up a USB fan. In the office, however, the volume usually plays the bigger role. Here are the most USB fans with about 40 decibels in a pleasant area.

USB fan: tips for buying

In terms of features, design and features are different in the USB fans from different manufacturers. Who is the fanprimarily because of its actual function – the airing – would like to purchase, should pay particular attention to the fact that the device:

– Has a solid base
– Adjusting the angle of inclination allows
– has an on-off switch

The nature of the stand plays a major role, because particularly cheap devices tend to clatter and wander during operation. This causes unrest in the office and disturbs the colleagues. Ideally, the base is upholstered or provided with anti-slip material, as is the case with the E-Prance USB fan the case is. By being able to adjust the angle of inclination, the airflow can also be exactly right where you want it. With an on-off switch, most USB fans are now equipped. He makes the constant plugging and unplugging the USB connector superfluous.

An important criterion when buying a USB fan is the cable length, because not always is the USB socket easily accessible on the front of the PC. Devices like the mumbi USB fan Mini bring along a cable of 1.2 meters in length. That’s enough in most cases. If required, the cable can be extended without much effort over an extension such as the CSL USB 3.0 Super Speed. Relatively new to the market are devices with integrated cooling like the iEGrow Mini floor-mounted fan, It can be operated with both the integrated lithium battery and via USB and has the special feature that it is misted with the air flow of water. This has a cooling effect and ensures a higher humidity.

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