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Underbed: protective, comfortable and hygienic

Underbeds are due to their many functions and thanks to the associated greater sleep comfort in many different households. When making a purchase, you benefit from a very wide selection.

What is a underbed?

On under bed is a mattress pad, which on the one hand the mattressprotects and on the other hand increases sleeping comfort. Underbeds can be found in many different designs and sizes. Ideally, you should adjust the material of the bed to the prevailing season. Underbeds are offered for example with the following materials:

– Cotton
– Sheep’s wool
– silk
– hemp
– cotton linen

That can be done during the warm season under bed Collect the existing excess moisture and drain it to the outside. In this way you benefit in the summer of a cooler sleep. On the other hand, underwarmers in the winter donate a pleasant warmth and are able to absorb a lot of fluid.

Functions, washing and drying

Thus serves a under bed Not only to protect the mattress from hair, dust and sweat, for example, and to increase sleeping comfort, but it also significantly increases the overall well-being. Very practical here is that most of the underbeds quite easily in the Washing machinecan be washed. It is dried under bed then either in the dryer or just in the air. However, it should not be forgotten that under bed daily to ventilate sufficiently. The background to this is that every night the under-bed absorbs a lot of perspiration and therefore has to be dried very well. Otherwise, it can happen very quickly that the under bed assumes an unpleasant odor. In the worst case, even mold spores can form and spread in the bedroom.

Is a underbed hygienic?

A underbed is very important for hygiene. For example, mattresses are much worse to clean than a bed that can be cleaned at any time in the washing machine. In addition, there are now even special underpants for allergy sufferers. These models are mite-free as well as antibacterial. If the bed is washed at regular intervals, it is not possible for the various particles and pests to penetrate into the underlying mattress, so that a health burden is reduced or prevented in this way. Anyone who decides, for example, for a sub-bed made of microfibre and pine heartwood benefits anyway from its antibacterial effect.


The purchase of a bed is definitely worth it. In addition to the protective effect for the mattress, this also benefits your own well-being. In addition, the hygienic side is not negligible: a bed can be washed at any time. With a mattress, cleaning becomes much more difficult. Since there are underblankets in many different sizes, it is also readily possible, a suitable model for your own bedto find.

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