10 Best toilet brush of 2019

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  • Strong Nylon Bristles:The brush bristles is strong and...
  • Steel-reinforced Handle:Strong handle means strength and...
  • Intermediate hole: Sewage is a bacterial breeding places....
  • Strong Nylon Bristles:The brush bristles is strong and...
  • Steel-reinforced Handle:Strong handle means strength and...
  • Intermediate hole: Sewage is a bacterial breeding places....
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  • Toilet bowl brush and caddy, Pack of 2 set
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Toilet brush guide

A toilet brush or simply called toilet brush, represents a useful helper in everyone Toiletdar. A toilet without the associated toilet brush , which is usually next to the toilet bowl, is almost unimaginable. Meanwhile, there are many different models of toilet brush so that everyone can choose the right type for their own needs.

Toilet brush – historical

As the ancestor of toilet brush applies the so-called xylospongium. It is one spongetied to a wood. This was used in ancient Greece. For a long time, the scientists were not sure whether this as toilet paper or as today toilet brush acted. Ultimately, it was agreed that this was more likely to be used for cleaning the abortion.

The different types

The toilet brush is available in different designs today. Here is a brief overview of the different types of toilet brush.

Toilet brush with root bristles

This toilet brush was familiar before the invention of the plastic. This type of brush is a toilet brush in which the bristles are made of fine burl and are driven in tufts into the broad end of a brush handle. Nowadays, the term root brush is used Toolunderstood, with the help of which one cleans potato and roots. The biggest advantage of such a toilet brush lay in the pure natural materials, which by baking with soda or vinegarcould be used for a long time.

Toilet brush with plastic bristles

The toilet brushes today are usually those with plastic bristles. These are inexpensive toilet brushes whose handle is made of plastic and the bristles are also made of plastic. In such a toilet brush, however, easily caught paper and other debris, so it often needs to be replaced. Because such a toilet brush can not burn off in contrast to its predecessor. Another disadvantage is the fact that plastic is not compostable and therefore permanently adversely affects the environment.

Toilet brush made of stainless steel

A stainless steel toilet brush is one whose handle and bracket are made of steel. This toilet brush is almost a decoration in the toilet and is also very robust.

Toilet brush with silicone fins

Instead of the ordinary bristles, this toilet brush has silicone fins, which are distributed radially around the end of the stem. Since there is a lot of space between them, nothing can be permanently hidden in it. In addition, a toilet brush is very easy to clean and does not have to be changed as often as a plastic brush.

Toilet brush with lotus effect

A toilet brush with lotus effect has bristles made of silver-coated silicone. According to the manufacturer, not even the water sticks to this toilet brush, let alone dirt particles. Such a toilet brush has a triangular shape so that it comes around every curve and even successfully cleans the edge of the pool.

The importance of the handle of a toilet brush

The handle with the handle of a toilet brush plays a crucial role in its functionality. When brushing it is sometimes necessary to apply some pressure. Therefore, the end of the stem must not be too pointed. In addition, the grip surface should be absolutely non-slip, so as not to land with your fingers when cleaning in places that you do not want to touch. Depending on the toilet bowl model, it may be very useful to prefer a curved brush handle. Some toilet brush models even have built-in movable passages that allow you to easily reach all angles when cleaning.

The holder of the toilet brush

The creative variety of the storage options of the toilet brush is quite large. Roughly, however, they can be subdivided into two different types. Both are available both free-standing and wall-mounted. Thus, the holder can offer either the possibility of stuck the toilet brush after use or simply hang. Anyone who selects wall mounting must keep in mind that such a type of storage is permanent. But this species also offers the possibility to make the floor easier to clean. A floor model, on the other hand, can easily be placed anywhere. Only a barrirefree cleaning of the bathroom is not necessarily given by the model.

Closed container and suspension with drip trayfor the toilet brush

In such a toilet brush, the brush area is completely covered and stuck in a vessel. Such a model may seem more appealing, but it turns out not to be the best solution at the latest when cleaning the container. A toilet brush with a drip tray, on the other hand, often makes more sense. Because in this way, the brush is hung so that all liquid can drain.

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