10 Best Teak chair of 2019

  • Fully Assembled Stacking 4pk. Chairs
  • Made from sustainable plantation grown Brazilian eucalyptus
  • Stacks for portability and storage
  • Enjoy outdoor Dining and relaxing with this della...
  • Constructed with durable Acacia Wood this fine pieces of...
  • Manufactured in China
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED- Absolutely no assembly required
  • SOLID PLANTATION GROWN TEAK- Natural wood grain tone
  • COMPACT DESIGN- Fits nicely in the shower or bathroom
  • Amazonia Teak Collection
  • Armchair 25Wx23Dx35H. Seating Dimensions:23.5Wx18.5Dx16.5H.
  • High Quality Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis)
  • The light oak finish on this arm chair, along with the...
  • This lovely chair features a bonded leather, webbed seat
  • Crafted of solid teak wood and birchwood
  • Made from dense and durable Eucalyptus Hardwood
  • Ultra-comfortable adirondack chair, looks and performs like...
  • Built-in ottoman for comfort
  • Fully Assembled Stacking 4pk. Chairs
  • Made from sustainable plantation grown Brazilian eucalyptus
  • Stacks for portability and storage
  • Set includes 2 chairs and cushions
  • Exceptionally durable and stylish design
  • Apply teak oil as needed to maintain appearance
  • Amazonia Eucalyptus Collection
  • Armchair Dimensions: 19Lx22Wx35H. Armchair Seat Dimensions:...
  • High Quality Eucalyptus Wood (Eucalyptus Grandis)
  • Made from 100% durable solid teak wood
  • Natural Teak blends well with any patio style
  • Smooth rocking motion

Teak chair guide

Teak wood chairs are just perfect for garden and patio. They not only look attractive, but are also wonderfully insensitive to the weather. Wind, rain or even snow – a Teak chair survives all this without difficulty and is also easy to maintain. Whether more practical Folding Chair, comfortable garden chairsor comfortable teak rocking chair – if you choose teak wood chairs, you have a wide choice. What has to be considered with teak chairs, we have put together here for you.

What properties does teak wood have?

The teak tree is native to the mixed forests of Thailand, Myanmar and India. Its trunk can reach a height of up to 50 meters and a diameter of 50 to 100 centimeters. The enormously dense wood is acid-resistant, flame-retardant and resistant to pests and fungus. It is very rich in resin and oil and therefore self-care. A teak chair resists weather conditions such as sun, rain, frost and snow – and has a lifespan of up to 100 years!

Maintain teak chairs properly

Teak wood is so easy-care that you have virtually no work with your chairs. If you decide to use untreated chairs, a silvery-gray patina layer will form over time on the wood surface. In order to obtain the desired shimmering hue, the teak chairs should be cleaned once a year. It is enough to rub the wood with the roughened side of a scourer and warm water. For heavy soiling, a little soft soap can be added to the water. If the dirt is very tight, just use a brush for cleaning.

If you do not want a patina to form, you can preserve the original color of the teak wood by treating it with teak oil. The care oil is applied evenly to the cleaned and dried wood. It is best to use a rag, spongeor brush. Be sure to apply only a thin layer of teak oil. If too much oil is used, it may cause discoloration or unsightly edges. The treatment with teak oil should be repeated every one to two years, depending on the location of the teak chairs.

If your teak chairs already have a patina, the surface should be pretreated before using the oil. Either remove the silver-gray layer with a special teak cleaner or sand off the surface over a large area. If you do not want to do this with your hand, you can do it sanderuse. After sanding, remove the sanding dust with a damp cloth. Once the wood is dry again, the oil can be applied.

And in the winter?

Untreated teak chairs can also be left on the terrace or in the garden in winter. Even ice and snow do not damage the sturdy teak wood. So you always have a seat in the cold season, where you can enjoy the rare sunshine of a cold winter day.

If you have oiled teak chairs, they should be covered for the best protection of the surface. Of course you can also use a commercially available tarpaulin for the chairs garden furniturecover. However, this should be installed so that the wood can continue to breathe and moisture drips quickly – otherwise you risk the formation of mildew. It has been proven to place suitable spacers between the chair and the tarpaulin so that the cover does not rest directly on the wood surface.

If you decide to bring your teak chairs home in the winter, put them in the basement or garage rather than in a heated room. If teak chairs are stored in a heavily heated place, the wood dries out very quickly – ugly cracks can be the result. A dry but cool storage is therefore to be preferred.

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