10 Best tea trolley of 2019

  • 2 removable serving trays
  • Slatted shelf
  • Rolls easily on casters, two of which are locking
  • Set includes: One (1) serving cart
  • Materials: Metal and glass
  • Finish Color: Chrome and clear
  • Set includes: One (1) serving cart
  • Materials: Solid wood
  • Finish Color: Merlot and brass
  • Transitional style
  • Serving cart
  • Locking caster wheels
  • Great way to promote creative play
  • Trolley cart and accessories are very vivid and detailed
  • Gather friends and family for the ultimate tea party
  • Color: Chrome and Black
  • Materials: Metal and glass
  • Black Tempered glass top and base
  • Carter Bar Cart's sturdy metal frame can hold up to ten...
  • Four wheel casters and a raised handle let you move the...
  • Free returns for 90 days and lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in Italy, excellent finishing, use indoor or outdoor
  • Light weight and sturdy plastic
  • Two shelves and four wheels
  • Set includes: One (1) serving cart
  • Materials: Mirror, metal and glass
  • Finish Color: Chrome and clear
  • Cosco's colorful collection of INTELLIFIT outdoor rolling...
  • The easy to maneuver indoor - outdoor serving carts feature...
  • Dimensions are: Outdoor Cart 33.0" W x 19.3" D x 33.7" H

Teewagen Ratgeber

A small cart next to the table allows you to park dishes, That’s the basic idea behind a tea cart; that’s what you mean. But originally it is a cart, so that the tea can be transported. It is therefore more than a side table. What is a tea trolley How is he stocked? And how can it be used today as a decorative and practical piece of furniture?

What is a tea cart?
On tea trolley is mostly rectangular. The height does not correspond to any standard; but it is below the normal dining table height of 60 cm. Conventional cars have two levels. The top one closes with the frame and then there is a bottom one. Four wheels do that tea trolley mobile.

There are models that have four wheels that can be rotated 360 ° and those that are only 180 ° rotatable.

The latter are often very artfully designed. The front wheels are large, decorative tires, some with real spokes. The rear wheels look small and unspectacular.
In these models, the handle is shaped similar to an old-fashioned one strolleror he still has additional embellishments. Simple products are already available without a handle or with a practical rod at the height of the top level, slightly offset from the frame.

Equipping a tea cart
On tea trolley was formerly used in well-fortified houses to serve the afternoon tea in style. The serving was the task of a servant. The lower level was rarely used. At the top were tea cups, crockery, spoons, milk, sugar, and other ingredients.
Today the term becomes tea trolley synonymous for trolley, Coffee and service cars used. Accordingly, the use has also expanded.

There are the tea or coffee trolleys made of wood, glass, steel, aluminum and even plastic. The latter find their place in the cellar, garden or camping.

In hospitals, old people’s homes or hotels, the tea carts are still used to transport and serve food and drink. A further development, if you like, are the large, multi-storey models, in which tablets can accommodate several people.
So it happens that tablets, equipment for visits, chamber pots and even newspapers or flower vases are driven on a tea cart through the aisles.

The tea cart at home
Today one finds oneself Servingstill in many households. It serves as additional storage space. If the dining tableis full or elegantly covered, less decorative objects can be parked within reach.
He also serves many besides the sofaas a drink holder and magazine rack,

In the office, the mobile furniture is ideal for storing files when the writing deskis too small.

As a helper for the mobile kitchen, a tea trolley made of plastic is indispensable. Here you will find enough meat to grilling meat, marinades, pincers and co.

Practical ideas with the tea cart
A tea cart can as jardinierebe used. Especially for storageThis is practical for orchids. Because they can be driven directly to the irrigation point.
Such a tea cart can also be used in the bathroom when there for a shelfthere is not enough space. He can always move aside when the Washing machinemust be opened.

As nightstandFor beds with pull-out drawers, the idea makes sense analogously.

Decorative ideas for the tea cart
Anyone digging up an antique piece in the attic can conjure up a beautiful floral podium for the garden with an all-weather glaze from the tea cart.
If a rollable pole is used to store clothes at home, the tea cart can be the equivalent for folded T-shirts and shoes.

A mobile laundry bag: If you remove the bottoms, you can leave a bag in the opening with velcro and fasten it to the frame at the top. This storage is also suitable for children’s rooms.

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