10 Best Table Lighter of 2019

  • Square Quad Jet -
  • Camera Aperture-Inspired Lid
  • Oversized Push-Button Ignition
  • Large, 1.4 ounce capacity lights up to 1,000 cigars before...
  • Quick and even lighting prevents the charred, sooty taste...
  • Large flame lights cigars instantly, rotating cigar not...
  • Electrionic Butane Gas Lighter
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: designed for comfortable and easily...
  • HIGH QUALITY: made of high quality metal, durable to use....
  • NICE DECORATION: it is very exquisite, elegant. There is a...
  • Burn Time: 8 Hours
  • Cigars Lit: 5,769**
  • Size: 7" tall x 2" wide. Tank Capacity: HUGE
  • Electrionic Butane Gas Lighter
  • Twin Torch Flame Lighter - Table Top Leather Cigar Lighter.
  • Comes in a gift Box with 5 extra Stones
  • Size: H80*65*23mm - Weight: 176g
  • LIGHTS UP TO 10,000
  • Premium Quality Copper Cigar Cigarette Lighter
  • These use liquid naphtha fuel, and standard flints,...
  • Material:Premium Zinc Alloy Ashtray. Nickel, lead & cadmium...
  • Modern design, hand stamped perfect pattern. light up your...
  • Portable size: 4.2 * 4.2 * 5.2 inch, Easy to carry and...

Table Lighter Guide

The Table Lighter is hardly comparable to the pocket lighter, its little relative. The stately size and the heavier weight as well as the special look make this one Table Lighter a design object. They are available in a wide variety of variations. Due to the often very stylish design, the table lighters are a beautiful eye-catcher.

What is a table lighter?

On Table Lighter is, as the name already suggests, usually placed on the table, where it is an eye-catcher thanks to the decorative appearance. The selection leaves nothing to be desired, because the most different variants are available. No matter if as revolver, lion head, car, trophy, one Table Lighter in a nostalgic look and much more, all copies inspire with their stylish look and attract the eye in a jiffy. But even those who like it rather simple will find what they are looking for, for example Table Lighter decide in the square shape. Most models have to be refilled with universal gas, so they can be used for many years. First-class models can also be ignited electromagnetically.

Table Lighter – also a great gift idea

Table lighters are a very special lighter variant. You can not only donate fire, but are also an optimal table decoration. The table lighter is not only in your own home in good hands, where it is an imposing eye-catcher everywhere, but it is also suitable as a gift idea. Especially collector’s hearts make it beat faster. The table lighter is wonderful as a surprise on special occasions. This eye-catcher will certainly not go unnoticed by the guests. The table lighter has a lot of style in addition to the actual function. The Internet is the best way to get a good overview of the various table lighters. Here are also unusual pieces available, such as the following model, which is made in the form of a revolver:

GYD XL Table Lighter Pistol Revolver Collectible

This table lighter is a real eye-catcher and ideal for passionate collectors or those who prefer exceptional models, and this certainly includes the revolver shape. The total length is proud 35 centimeters. That’s why it is lighteran eye-catcher. It is refillable with lighter gas. The turbo-flame is adjustable.

Table lighter in Zippo design

Zippo lighters belong in the field of lighterto the absolute classics. They stand for reliability and are also very popular thanks to their ease of use. The Zippo lighter can be easily operated with one hand. The Zippos are petrol-powered storm lighters, so that the flame can only be extinguished by a strong wind or by a powerful blow. In general, the flame is stifled by the collapse of the lid, because then it lacks the oxygen. The look of Zippo lighters is also exciting: the handy bar form looks very elegant. The same applies to the noble workmanship, as with the following model:

Bestseller # 1: Zippo petrol lighter in chrome / brushed standard / storm lighter

The Zippo table lighter impresses with its stylish design. It consists of a robust brass housing. Since it is a Storm Lighteracts, it ignites in wind and weather.


The table lighter is a very special purchase and should not be missing in any household. Functionality and design are combined in a successful way with this product. While the small lighter for the bag is rarely available when it is needed, the table lighter gets a place of honor in the apartment and is on top of that a stylish decoration element. Table lighters are especially popular with people who value individual style. No matter which table lighter is chosen, each model has a special charm.

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