10 Best sun island of 2018

  • 7-person maximum capacity
  • Two suntanning deck
  • Eight cup holders
  • UP TO 6 PERSON CAPACITY - Enjoy a day in the sun on the...
  • card game
  • 7-person maximum capacity
  • Two suntanning deck
  • Eight cup holders
  • 1320 lbs. capacity, 6 cup holders, 6 person capacity
  • ☀ BE THE STAR OF THE POOL: Outrageously fun, this giant...
  • ☀ ADORABLE DESIGN: These poop floats are very funny to...
  • 1320 lbs. capacity, 6 cup holders, 6 person capacity
  • BE THE STAR OF THE POOL: Outrageously fun, this giant...
  • INFLATES IN 20 MINUTES: Skip the hassle of pumping and get...
  • Six-person maximum capacity
  • 1320 lbs. capacity
  • Six cup holders
  • Masserman Brothers
  • Publisher: Chasing It All Publishing, LLC
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • card game
  • 6-person capacity. Wading pool
  • Inflated size: 155" x 129" x 30" (394 x 328 x 76 cm)
  • 2 built-in coolers. 1 built-in boarding platform. 6 cup...

Sun Island Guide

A sun island is a really nice thing in the summer. Because on this one can sit comfortably in the garden or let the evening fade away. It brings the sun island an incomparable holiday feeling in the garden. If you want to escape everyday life after a stressful working day, you can get it sun island in the garden and in your own life and lets the soul dangle on it for hours.

Areas of application of a sun island

On the sun island you can just relax comfortably. In addition, it is the perfect seat, if you want to read a book. On this one can also easily with the laptopTake a seat and spend the working hours in a different way. Because most people spend their free hours in the summer rather in the garden than inside the house. The sun’s island is the outdoor piece of furniture that invites you to relax. Since several people can sit on it at the same time, one can chill out very nicely together with the family members or with friends in fine weather. A sun island, which is a multipiece set, is the optimal choice for families with multiple family members.
Through the sun roof of the sun island you are not directly exposed to the sun in the garden even at the highest heat. Due to the comfortable padding, sitting or lying on a sun island is far more comfortable than on an ordinary one Garden chairor an ordinary one lounger, Thanks to the sophisticated design of a sunny island, it is inviting in every garden and on every terrace. It fits harmoniously into the environment and ensures a beautiful garden design.

Materials and designs of the sun island

A sun island usually consists of rattan, poly rattan, wicker or plastic netting. The upholstery next to it is usually filled with foams, which are also robust and coated with easy-care materials. The outer material of a sun island is weatherproof in the higher quality models. This is very important, as the sun is usually placed outdoors, where it is exposed to various influences.
There are now different versions of the sun island. Thus, the respective models differ from each other both by their color and their shape, size and design. Thus, either a small seat lounger can be acquired, which has a shell shape, as well as a sun island, which is a lounger with a canopy. In addition, there is also the sun island in the form of a padded tunnel. It is possible to design an entire seating area for several people through the sun island. For this purpose there are sun islands in the trade, which consist of several parts, and that from the actual sun island as well as the table part and the individual seat parts. The individual parts can, as desired, be taken apart in a few simple steps or can be pushed together to form a huge solar island.

The right protection against rain and snow

When the summer is over and the sun-island is no longer used, you have to provide it with the right protection so that it will survive the fall and the winter. As Sonneninseln are outdoor furniture, they already have a rain cover, so that a rain shower can not affect the upholstery and the outer lining. But there are also special covers for the sunny island, in order to know that they are optimally protected. The respective covers are there, just like the sun islands, in different sizes and shapes. However, it is still recommended to put the sun island in a protected area in winter. It can be either the cellar, the garage or a garden shed. If necessary, the sun island can overwinter on a covered terrace under the protective cover.

Noteworthy before buying

When buying a sun island, special attention must be paid to the quality of the material and its workmanship. So the covers should consist of easy-care materials. In addition, the selected size of the sun island should be selected to match the pitch. For this reason, it is very important to take the exact measurements before buying. This is especially important if the sun island in the future to stand on a smaller terrace or on the balcony. When choosing colors, it is better to choose a lighter color. This is important as darker colors heat up faster. When choosing upholstery care should be taken to ensure that they are neither too soft nor too tight. After all, the body on the sun island should be just as good as one mattresslie.

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