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Prank Palette Guide

If you spend a lot of time in the local bakery to create aesthetic and delicious delights, you need the right tools. An important Tool, which facilitates the making of pies, cakes and pastries, are stringed pallets. The pallets available in different versions are mainly used for the application of glazes. For further work, these aids will serve you well. We put different variants of the String array in this guide, which illuminates uses and features.

Shape and functions of coating pallets

Many kitchens use a spatula-style kitchen tool that consists of a handle and a leaf. While the control is often made of plastic, the wing also called the wing usually made of steel, which is bendable. Kitchen appliance manufacturers also create simpler variants that have plastic wings. Spread pallets that have a plastic sheet are suitable for working with non-stick kitchen utensils because they cause no damage there. However, users must be careful that the sheet has grown at least to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

All versions have a uniformly wide wing. Manufacturer of string pallets currently offer variants that are up to 12 inches wide. The length of the surfaces and the handles differ. Models that are up to 35 inches long are produced. Such pallets are used by professional and amateur bakers to spread glazes and coatings on pies and pastries. For this work, a related tool is sometimes used as a angle rangereferred to as. Classic stringed palettes have, in return to the angular versions, a straight shape.

Uses of stringed pallets

Basically, scratching pallets are used for handles, through which cakes, tarts or pastry are produced. Depending on the size and length of the respective product variant, there are further usage options. So you can use the longer versions, whose blade is made of steel, even for turning of fried food, for lifting large pieces of cake and for making omelets. Actually, these coating pallets, which possess warp-resistant properties, but used for smoothing and spreading of masses or glazes.

Pastry chefs use traditional tools to create pies, cakes and other goodies. When spreading creams they use the classic pallets. When working with dough, the tools are also needed, so that smooth soils succeed, which rise evenly. Applying fondant or marzipan will be easier if helpful string pallets are used to cover the pies. For attaching decorative elements, the tool is often used.

Variants at a glance

The manufacturers of kitchen products that have integrated articles for confectioners in their assortment offer different forms of confectionery String array , which can be differentiated by the length and the width. Professional bakers and confectioners usually use several variants, which they use for different purposes. While larger versions serve well when coating pies or when applying a coating, the smaller versions of the String array for other purposes.

Smaller string pallets, for example, facilitate the application of frostings, which are coated with cupcakes. When cutting out of baked goods, the tool is also a help. The more compact versions, which are no longer than 15 centimeters, are used, for example, when loosening cookies or biscuits. The transport and application of decor, which consists of fondant, is often due to the smaller versions of the String array realized. They solve ornaments of work surfaces, which can now be applied with the tool on pies or baked goods.

Practical tool in the bakery

Stringed pallets created by renowned manufacturers such as Anokay, Chefarone or Kaiser are not only important tools of professional pastry chefs. They also facilitate the activity of amateur bakers. Because, depending on shape and size, different usage options are possible, many people use at least two stringed palettes. With the help of these tools, the production of cakes, pastries and pies is simplified. Scratch pallets, which are best made of steel, should therefore not be missing in any bakery.

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