10 Best standard lamp of 2023

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  • WINTON CHANDELIER DIMENSIONS: 30.5" High x 29.5" Wide,...
  • MEDIUM BASE LIGHT SOCKET: 5-60 Watt Incandescent Bulb(s),...
  • INSTALLATION: Hardware to Mount Fixture to an Existing...
  • VOICE CONTROL: The Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable...
  • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: The wireless, portable and...
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: Control your Philips Hue Go even...
  • Item Dimension:17x17x9
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Style: modern, rustic, contemporary
  • Monica 3 Bulb Chandelier adds style and warmth with its...
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish - Uses 3 100W A bulbs (not...
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2" H 20 1/2" W 20 1/2" D
  • Crystorama Solaris 6 Light Bronze Sphere Chandelier
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required and...
  • Bathe your home in millions of colors (with improved, richer...
  • Controllable whether you are home or away, this starter kit...
  • Crystal like tear drop
  • Max: 40-watt light bulb
  • Hardwired connection
  • Item Dimension:17x17x9
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Style: modern, rustic, contemporary
  • LED: Integrated LED fixture, Slanted/ Sloped Ceiling...
  • DESIGN: Ultra-low-profile design with easily adjustable...
  • WINTON CHANDELIER DIMENSIONS: 30.5" High x 29.5" Wide,...
  • MEDIUM BASE LIGHT SOCKET: 5-60 Watt Incandescent Bulb(s),...
  • INSTALLATION: Hardware to Mount Fixture to an Existing...

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Floor lamp guide

In all rooms is the standard lamp one of the most popular home accessories. It gives comfort and light and is very popular in the evening, so that you can read a book in a pleasant atmosphere or for a while TVcan turn on. The comfortably dimmed light of this standard lamp replaces the bright ceiling lamp in the evening. A standard lamp consists of one or several feet and a corresponding light source. Often behind the lampshade, the light bulb is hidden, but not always: There are many different floor lamp designs, which are an important purchase criterion for floor lamps. Because floor lamps are by no means merely a vile light source. They are often chosen accordingly for a pleasant ambience, as a decorative element and functional furnishing in one.

Advantages of a standard lamp
– No laborious assembly necessary
– Implementing the lamp without considerable effort possible
– Often the bulbs can be easily replaced
– With dimmable floor lamps, power consumption and brightness are adjustable

Disadvantages of a standard lamp
– Not all floor lamps donate light, which is sufficiently bright to read

What should one buy when buying one standard lamp respect, think highly of?

Highest possible wattage
With a maximum wattage of a floor lamp, the maximum wattage of the lamp used is the maximum wattage that should be exceeded in order to minimize the risk of fire.

Energy efficiency class
The energy efficiency class shows consumers how economical their floor lamp is in comparison to a reference unit in its product class. For example, a class A +++ floor lamp consumes only 11 percent less electricity than an average comparative luminaire.

A dimmable floor lamp is suitable for the daytime and mood-dependent regulation of the brightness. It can also be used to save manb electricity costs.

Types of floor lamps
For floor lamps there are classic to atmospheric types. Below are the screen lamp, the multi-arm lamp, the uplightand the lounge light described in detail.

lamp with shade
In a conventional screen lamp, the corresponding lamp is covered by a lampshade, which consists of metal, plastic or textile. The screen provides a pleasant dimming of the light. There are two special shapes of the lamp available. To one there is the arc lampwhich has a curved base. On the other hand, a three-legged floor lamp can be purchased, which has a very safe stand and a straightforward and simple aesthetics due to its three feet.

Multi-armed lamp
A multi-arm floor lamp contains some light sources and causes interesting lighting effects in the living room. In most cases you can even move your arms individually and position them independently of each other. So it is possible that the multi-arm floor lamp as reading lampand used to illuminate an entire room in parallel.

A ceiling washer produces a cone of light that corresponds to the top blanketis directed and thus provides for an indirect pleasant lighting. Ceiling floods are optimal living and bedroom lamps, Often contains one ceiling spotlightsas well as a second light arm with a reading light, which is not dependent on the main light source and still can be switched on and off.

lounge light
A lounge light usually includes a decorative large lampshade. It creates a correspondingly soft lighting and creates a warm feel-good atmosphere. Lounge lights are very suitable as sleeping and living room lamps. They are available with simple rice paper umbrella, but also with exotic materials in richly decorated variants. In a lounge light, the light is often not bright enough to watch TV and read.

Important manufacturers and brands of floor lamps
If you want to buy a cheap floor lamp, you are advised with a variant of Ikea excellent. However, Ikea floor lamps are by no means as durable as high-quality floor lamps, but overall offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Even floor lamps by Ebay and Obi represent a purchase option. However, the largest selection of important manufacturers and brands can be found and ordered conveniently online:
– Belux
– Berlin brass
– Butlers
– Brilliant
– Casa Padrino
– Catellani & Smith
– Domus
– Deco light
– Fischer lights
– Faro
– Frank Flechtwaren
– FontanaArte
– Heitronic
– Globo
– Holtkötter
– Helestra
– LED-C4
– Ikea
– Nordlux
– Massive
– Nino lights
– Oaks Lighting
– Series Lighting
– Paul Neuhaus
– Trio
– Top Light
– Wofi
– Waldmann
– Zuiver

How a floor lamp is disposed of
Even the life of a floor lamp will one day come to an end. But how can such a disused furnishing be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way? While it is safe to put pedestal, screen, halogen and incandescent bulbs in household or bulky waste, special care must be taken with energy-saving and LED bulbs: the bulbs often contain toxic mercury and must therefore be recycled.

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