10 Best Spark protection plate of 2019

  • Genuine OEM
  • Top quality
  • High performance
  • Designed to remove hard to reach spark plug boots
  • 45 degree offset jaws for easy gripping of wires and boots
  • Double insulated to give complete protection from shock
  • Designed to remove hard to reach spark plug boots
  • 45 degree offset jaws for easy gripping of wires and boots
  • Double insulated to give complete protection from shock
  • Outside Protection Plate
  • Scratch Resistant
  • This is a Replacement Part Only
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  • Genuine OEM
  • Top quality
  • High performance

Spark protection plate Guide

Regulations, costs and the right choice of spark arresting plates

A Spark protection plate serves to protect the non-refractory floor. She will be under the fireplaceplaces and thus protects laminate, carpetor parquet before the strong underfloor heat development of the fireplace and before flying sparks. Without Spark protection plate In addition, the floor is exposed to a very high pressure load by the weight of the fireplace, which leads to severe damage after some time. But visually, the various models are a nice upgrade. A slab of granite or marble is visually a great addition and a real eye-catcher, which harmonizes ideally with the appearance of the fireplace.

Board materials

Spark protection plates are made of a wide variety of materials. Plates made of stone are very popular, not least because of the pretty look and the high stability. Slabs made of sturdy safety glass look particularly filigree, and these models, too, are particularly popular due to their light weight. Also many different metals come as material in question, such as brass, steel or sheet metal. Visually, the fireplace area is nicely separated from the rest of the living space with these protective panels, but they are quite vulnerable to damage and scratches.

Plate forms

As versatile as the materials of the plates may be, so are the different shapes available. The standard forms include classic circles or circular sections, round arches, squares, rectangles or hexagons.
Triangles, on the other hand, are rarely available and less advantageous because they occupy too much space due to their proportions.

Burner Regulation: distance regulations

In the firing ordinance (FeuVO) of the federal states is regulated, which size the Spark protection plate must have. This depends on the dimensions of the fireplace and forms the legal basis for setting up and operating a firing system. 50 cm forward and 30 cm on both sides is the minimum size of the plate, which usually dictates the FeuVO.
When buying a protective plate, therefore, the dimensions of the stove should be known and accordingly add the FeuVO regulation distances. The responsible chimney sweep can best provide information about local regulations.

The protective panels are usually produced directly according to the desired specifications in terms of size and shape and then delivered to your home. It will be placed before the actual chimney installation. Then the fireplace is placed on the protective plate. This usually requires 2 people, because the Wood stovemust be tilted so that the plate can slide underneath. But also floor plates, which are subsequently placed under the fireplace, are commercially available. These models can be removed at any time and can be easily cleaned.

Sparkplate prices in comparison

Conventional standard models are usually available from as little as 60 euros. The price usually differs only slightly depending on the size and shape, but rather on the material from which the protective plates are made. Sparks made of granite or precious metal can be hit fast with a price of 150 to about 400 euros. If the plate is a custom-made product, a higher price is of course to be expected. A special order is about always necessary if, for example, the plate is to be used at a non-orthogonal corner. In these cases, it is recommended that the preparation of the Spark protection plate to be ordered directly from the stove manufacturer, so that a guaranteed fit is guaranteed and the regulations are met.

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