10 Best sofa of 2018

  • 0APRJ
  • Kitchen
  • Best Choice Products
  • Dimensions: 35W x 21.5D x 15.5H in.
  • Frame constructed of sturdy wood
  • Choose from the available finishes
  • Novogratz
  • Kitchen
  • 4.5-inch profile sofa mattress
  • Plush sleeping surface
  • Ships small parcel for quick and easy delivery and set up
  • Best Choice Products
  • Dimensions: 17.5W x 17.5D x 15H in.
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Available in your choice of color
  • DHP
  • Kitchen
  • 0APRJ
  • Kitchen
  • Sofa mattress made with gel-infused memory foam; Plush feel
  • 4.5 Inches in height, easily folds into any sofa
  • Gel draws heat away from body, keeping you cool during sleep

couch Guide

couchs have been an indispensable part of living spaces for decades. There are no limits to the design possibilities, because the large market of this product range offers an incomparable variety of models, colors and variants! In addition, the sofas are not only used as a seat and are not only in living rooms a nice element – even in the bedroom, the kitchen or the corridor, these furniture can fulfill their purposes and still look good.

Orders of magnitude of sofas

The biggest difference in the sofas available today is the size. This is defined in most cases by the number of seats: A two-seater is the smallest possible form. In larger living rooms, however, correspondingly larger models are provided, which are referred to as sofa landscapes – these consist of several seats and usually have a one-sided extension, a so-called Recamière. Thus, these models have an L-shape, if there is such a Recamière at both ends of the sofa, this is referred to as a U-shape.

Basically, sofas are now available in both very small sizes such as 1.50 meters, which are also suitable for one-room apartments. In addition, it can also be purchased dimensions of up to four meters, which can be found in more spacious living rooms and seating for many people. These models are therefore particularly suitable for families and larger residential communities.

Functions of modern sofas

A modern one sofa It can serve much more than just seating – in the first place, of course, these pieces of furniture invite you to sit down, but thanks to their width, they can also be used while lying down, unlike armchairs. Meanwhile, sofa beds are also available, which usually only need to be unfolded. Then these functional beds can be used for guests, for example, and then folded back after use so that they do not take up unnecessary space.

In addition, many sofas are equipped with a so-called relax function, which raises the price slightly, but also increases the comfort: The backrests and the foot part of the furniture are adjustable at will with these sofas, so that a particularly comfortable seating is created. This also prevents back pain and heavy legs. couchs with this feature can either manually or electrically via a remote Controlbe served, the latter is of course much more pleasant for the consumer.

The material of the sofa

In most cases, the covers of the sofas are made of fabric or leather.

Leather sofas have the advantage of being particularly modern, elegant and classic. The shiny material makes the piece of furniture a real eye-catcher in the room – and impresses with its particularly easy-care character: stains can simply be wiped away here. Even after a few years, a captivating leather sofastill through its unique look. However, leather in practice has the great disadvantage that the comfort can be reduced depending on the outside temperatures: In high heat, the skin sticks unpleasantly on sofa At low temperatures the leather feels very cold too.

Fabric-covered sofas are more comfortable and comfortable because they provide comfort regardless of temperature variations. However, stains can only be badly removed here: particularly stubborn stains, for example due to food or red wine, can leave unsightly stains in the long term. However, consumers have the opportunity to change the cover according to taste, because fabric covers for sofas are very cheap in a variety of colors and patterns available.

which sofa therefore, depends on individual needs and tastes.

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