10 Best soap dish of 2019

Soap dish guide

Soap dishes are like sand on the sea. And that’s just as well. That’s the right way to find the perfect accessory for your bathroom at any time. But before we look at the many styles, one thing is said: Between the soap dish and the soap dispenserthere is a clearly defined difference. It is the soap itself! Of the soap dish picks up the classic piece of soap, in scents such as lime, lavender or almond milk. The soap dispenser, however, is with the liquid soapfilled and acts while washing hands as a donor.

Design knows no boundaries

Thanks to the large variety of designs, there are many ways to keep a soap in place. The classic model is the lavender or honey soap in a kind of shell. The modern look is called „magnetic soap holder“. Here, a magnet is pressed into the soap, with which the opposite pole has found its place. With one click, the soap is stapled to the other side of the magnet and does not require a shelf on the basin,

Simple and modern in stainless steel

Stainless steel is often used as an accessory in the bathroom. Shiny and simple, each individual element blends in with the other. from water tapto the soap dish It’s just a step beyond the cosmetics garbage canleads to the shower set. Even modern handles are made of brushed stainless steel. This optical unit creates a harmonious ambience in the bathroom. Furthermore, stainless steel has an advantage over other materials: it is easy to clean and unbreakable. While a soap dish falling out of porcelain and can break, this danger is not given with stainless steel. With a conventional household or bathroom cleaner stainless steel is easily cleaned. Water drops are easy to remove, the bath always looks clean and tidy. Take a look around. How many stainless steel accessories do you already have in the bathroom? It makes sense, this ensemble with a beautiful soap dish to perfect.

Bamboo – beauty in a natural way

Bamboo is ideal in the bathroom. The light as well as extremely beautiful material has no problem with high humidity that occurs when showering or water. The wood does not deform after the ingress of water and convinces quickly with functionality and classic design. Simple and harmonious, it matches white tiles and loosens the overall look with its natural character. Soap holders like amazing-rading (TM) Vogue can be trapezoidal on the sinkor the bath. To complement this appearance, there are other bathroom accessories made of bamboo. The toothbrush cup from the bathroom seriesBonja, a Toilet Paper Holderor the toothbrush holderand toilet brush from the Axentia range.

At a closer look it becomes clear: Bamboo can be combined with the maritime theme in the bathroom as well as the bathroom furniture in white, gray or colored fronts. As a classic, the soap holder has never gone out of fashion for setting up. Here, tradition and modernity are intelligently linked together. Of course, soap holders are easy to care for and are covered with a damp cloth or a spongecleaned quickly. In the garden house or the guest toilet, there are also simple plastic soap holders. And who does not love the wonderful aroma of fragrant soaps? Freshness and hygiene for the whole family.

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