10 Best slicer of 2019

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  • THE SMART CHOICE - While other mandolines struggle with...
  • BEST PATENTED DESIGN - The only knob-controlled fully...
  • PEACE OF MIND - We know you have options, but we want to...
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  • Soft knob lets you simply adjust the blade to slice foods at...
  • Slide food over stainless steel blade for uniform slices
  • Clear surface shows slices accumulating below
  • 8 x 5 inch base
  • Made of 100% Marble - a natural elegant stone with unique...
  • Durable stainless steel wire cuts through hard or soft...
  • BEST SLICES: Creates attractive slices for cheese trays,...
  • EASY GRIP: The strong handle helps you hold the slicer well...
  • Westmark
  • MADE IN GERMANY CHEESE SLICER: This wonderful cheese slicer...
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Kitchen slicer guide

Even shredding with the slicer

On slicer is a cutting aid that produces consistent results. The kitchen utensil is also called graterknown. This can be used to grind various types of vegetables, cheese, sausages and spices into slices, shavings or fine powder.

Kitchen slicers exist in many different forms, whereby some basic forms can be distinguished. The Vierbantreibe is in use upright on a board. Typically, each of the four sides has a different cutting surface, so cooks with the square grater can produce cucumber slices, as well as carrot rasps and grated cheese.

Other slicer consist of a flat board made of metal or plastic, in which one or more different planing surfaces are located. Such shallow grinders are usually placed over a bowl to catch the planed food directly.

smaller slicer with handle are especially suitable for grating Parmesan or spices. The aromatic foods can be held directly over the plate or in the pot to distribute the spice on the food.

The right model for every purpose

The different types of kitchen planes have different strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, every variant has its right to exist.

The square drive is particularly suitable for planing larger quantities. To hold a planer with a handle all the time in hand would be much more strenuous. A big advantage of the Vierkantreibe is their safe standing. The kitchen helper is held on a handle above with one hand, while the other hand does the actual work.

Area slicer are especially suitable for laying them over a bowl. The slot should be located in the middle as possible; Planing surfaces that are too close to the edge are often difficult to use.

Smaller kitchen slicers with handles are unbeatable when grated with spices and parmesan. For this purpose, there are also special spice rubs, which are particularly fine.

For a food to be cooked well, it has to be firm enough. However, it must not be rock hard, because the planter otherwise has no chance – an exception are only spices like nutmeg, which can be grated well on fine planing. Fibrous foods are often also critical, such as celery or ginger.

For working with the vegetable slicerFor example, fresh potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini or crunchy apples are ideal. As grated cheese tighter cheeses such as Gouda or Emmentaler are considered.

How can a high-quality kitchen slicer be recognized?

Kitchen slicers and graters are to be found in almost every household goods business, and there are also various providers on the Internet. But how do you recognize a good kitchen slicer?

A kitchen planer of good quality should resort to suitable materials. Stainless steel and plastic are very common. For plastic discs, the planer is usually made of stainless steel and only the surfaces or handles are made of synthetic material.

With the plastic care must be taken that small pieces of kitchen utensil can not accidentally come loose and end up in the food afterwards. Especially after prolonged use, the plastic is often to look at its age. In addition, the surface may scratch rather than a stainless steel kitchen slicer.

However, plastic handles offer better grip. In addition, kitchen slicer plastic in many cases are particularly favorable.

A kitchen planer made of metal should be made of stainless steel. Seasoning must be sufficiently stable to be fit for purpose. In a Vierkantreibe, however, sometimes very thin stainless steel is used.

Many kitchen slicers may nowadays be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, it makes sense to check the label on the packaging or the product description beforehand.

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